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Dear ICN research community,

we are pleased to announce CCN-lite v0.3. The source is on GitHub where you can also find
precompiled binaries for Debian/Ubuntu, Redhat, Android and RFduino.

Over the past 6 months, CCN-lite has progressed in several ways:

  • demonstrated interoperability with now-stabilized CCNx1.0, which can run side-by-side with NDN in a single CCN-lite relay
  • OMNeT++ integration is back, as it has been requested many times
  • new platforms and transport:
    • Arduino and RFduino
    • Android and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • new functionality: "begin-end" fragmentation for CCNx1.0 and NDN
  • improved build quality for Ubuntu and OSX
  • improved READMEs allover the release, easy tutorials
  • Named Function Networking (NFN) over NDN now has Python bindings to make the publishing of named functions easier. (The SCALA access is still available as an independent release and provides a more complete integration.)

Enjoy release 0.3, enhance it and let us know what you did with CCN-lite!

The CCN-lite team in Basel