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A program for downloading Arcaea Fanmade Chart Maker 'Arcade'
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A program for downloading Arcaea Fanmade Chart Maker 'Arcade'

Go Release.

The repo cnSchwarzer/Arcade has been DMCA takedown by lowiro, also being deleted by me. So there will be no source code here.

To lowiro:

I respect your copyright. However, Arcade is made for free use, for fans who want to create their own level. If you think using resources extracted from Arcaea is not right, and simply replace your copyrighted resources with slightly different hand-made resources is right. I have to say you are really dedicated to being a formalism. The use of slightly change of both visual and auditory resources, in my opinion, have no difference with directly use original resources, they both violates your right. We both know this fanmade software is no harm, and is supported by Arcaea's fans. Why break your fans' heart?

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