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CNCF Logos

In this repo, we have artwork in standard formats for the CNCF projects and programs. We prepare artwork in 2 formats (PNG & SVG), 3 layouts -- horizontal (also known as landscape format), stacked (which is closer to square), and icon (which does not include the name and is square), and at least 3 versions (color/black/white). So, that's at least 18 versions of most logos.

With many browsers, you can right click and copy the logo of your choice below. Please note that although PNG is more common, SVG file sizes are smaller, supported in all modern web browsers, and a high-resolution format suitable for both print and high-resolution computer screens.

You can find t-shirts, hoodies and stickers for Kubernetes at the CNCF store. For questions about using terms in text, please see the CNCF Style Guide.

CNCF Brand Guidelines

These guidelines are both for people in CNCF who design CNCF-branded web properties and also for people external to CNCF who want to use CNCF’s brand assets.

Trademark and Logo Policy

Use of any trademark or logo is subject to the trademark policy available at with the key excepts available at

The Certified Kubernetes marks are only available for use with conformant implementations and must comply with the brand guidelines.

Questions? Please email