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Certified Kubernetes

Over the last several years, Kubernetes has seen wide-scale adoption by a vibrant and diverse community of platform providers. In fact, there are now more than 90 Certified Kubernetes platforms and distributions.

One of the goals of the project has always been consistency and portability. Kubernetes sits on top of the infrastructure and enables you to describe your workload in a common format. Kubernetes makes it easy to move workloads from one place to another, or combine disjointed environments with a shared control plane.

In order to better serve these goals, the Kubernetes community (under the aegis of the CNCF) runs a Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program. All vendors are invited to submit conformance testing results for review and certification by the CNCF, which formally certifies conformant implementations.

This program gives end users the confidence that when they use a Certified Kubernetes product they can rely on a high level of common functionality. It gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) confidence that if their customer is using a Certified Kubernetes platform that their software will behave as expected.

Just like Kubernetes itself, the conformance certification is a living thing. Certification is versioned, and with each new version of Kubernetes, as features are added and the architecture changes, the Certification requirements will change as appropriate. The Kubernetes community, through SIG Architecture, is the change controller and oversees of what it means to be Certified Kubernetes. Work on the mechanics of the conformance tests occurs in SIG Testing and the Conformance WG develops the process and policy around the certification program.

Platforms that certify are able to proudly display the new Certified Kubernetes logo mark on their marketing materials and may also take advantage of a new combination trademark rule the CNCF adopted for Certified Kubernetes providers that keep up to date with their certification, to use Kubernetes in their product name. Certification is available for Kubernetes versions 1.7 and higher.

To ensure the pace of innovation in Kubernetes continues and benefits all users, platforms must complete a recertification each year for the current or previous version of Kubernetes to remain certified. This ensures that when you see the Certified Kubernetes mark on a product, you’re not only getting something that’s proven conformant, but also contains the latest and greatest developments from the community.

Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program

Working Group Information

To participate and contribute to the program itself (including discussion of issues affecting conformance and certification), join the mailing list and slack channel. Details: Conformance WG.

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