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How to review conformance results

Technical Requirements

  1. Verify that the list of files matches the expected list.

  2. Note the vX.Y subdirectory that the PR is in, this is the version of Kubernetes for which conformance is being claimed, referenced as the "Conformance Version" from hereon.

  3. Verify that the Conformance Version is the current or previous two versions of Kubernetes.

  4. Look at e2e.log. Verify that the major.minor component of the kube-apiserver version: log and e2e test version: both exactly match the Conformance Version. The patch version does not matter.

  5. Verify that the last line of e2e.log says "SUCCESS! -- N Passed | 0 Failed | 0 Pending | M Skipped PASS". The exact value of N and M don't matter as long as we see 0 Failed | 0 Pending. Also, there should be 0 tests listed as Flaked.

Policy Requirements

  1. Confirm that the vendor is currently a member of CNCF. If they are not, request that they reach out to to become a member in order to complete their certification. (Companies can alternatively pay a certfication fee equal to the cost of membership if, for whatever reason, they don't wish to become a CNCF member.) Alternatively, non-profit organizations (including community distributions like Debian) can certify at no cost.

Review the PRODUCT.yaml file, and:

  1. Verify that there is a Participation Form on file for the vendor, and that the vendor is in good standing in the program.

  2. Verify the product name and website_url are listed in the "Qualifying Offerings" section of the vendor's Participation Form, i.e. that the name and website_url are listed.

  3. Review the name. If it contains the word "Kubernetes" in a non-descriptive fashion, verify that the name is listed in "Participant Kubernetes Combinations" section of the vendor's Participation Form.

If the submission doesn't meet all policy requirements, reply with a message indicating "Signed participation form needed", "Files missing from PR", "Membership in CNCF or confirmation of non-profit status needed", etc.

Tasks to Complete After Review

  1. Update the Kubernetes Distributions & Platforms spreadsheet to reflect the vendor's certified offering.

  2. Add the vendor's information to the CNCF landscape which also causes them to appear on and

  3. Add a comment saying "You are now Certified Kubernetes" and merge the PR.

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