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Conformance testing Amazon EKS

Setup EKS Cluster

Setup EKS cluster as per the EKS documentation, you received as part of whitelisting welcome package. For running conformance tests, we recommend to use a cluster that provides you with sufficient resources - compute, storage as well as network IPs. EKS uses Amazon VPC CNI plugin which uses ENIs to provide IP addresses to your Kubernetes pods. Please ensure your worker node instance type provides you sufficient ENI limits. We ran our conformance tests on a cluster with 10 m4.large worker instances.

Run conformance tests

Start the conformance tests on your EKS cluster

curl -L | kubectl apply -f -

You can monitor the conformance tests by tracking the sonobuoy logs. Wait for the line no-exit was specified, sonobuoy is now blocking, which signals the end of the testing.

kubectl logs -f sonobuoy -n sonobuoy

Upon completion of the tests you can obtain the results by copying them off the sonobuoy pod.

kubectl cp sonobuoy/sonobuoy:/tmp/sonobuoy ./results