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Kubernetes Presentations

This is a community repository of presentations about Kubernetes. All presentations here are available for you to remix and reuse for your own use.


Table of Contents

Kubernetes introductions

Kubernetes New Contributor Workshops

Kubernetes Updates

Kubernetes Concepts and Components

People Using Kubernetes

Kubernetes Applications

Repo Organization

If you have your slides already online or hosted someplace else, just leave a link in the table of contents. If you want to submit actual slides to this repo submit your slides via a Pull Request, for now we're organizing by author name, so just toss them in a subdirectory under your last name.

FORMAT: We prefer if your slides were in a reusable format, such as Google Slides or whatever CSS/HTML/JS framework you prefer so it's easier to consume.

Please make sure your content is under the CC-BY (or Apache v2.0 if applicable) license to we can easily share and reuse the content.

How To Use The CC-BY License

For most presentations, the best license to use is CC-BY. This license allows other Kubernetes community members to share, reuse, and remix your content for other talks and presentations. You retain ownership of your slides, and anyone using them must give you attribution as the original author.

To apply the license to your presentation, add a slide (usually near the end) like:

This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

See for more details.
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