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Netlify Status

These are the instructions for people who want to run Radar locally. For development instructions visit


Install Docker and Docker Compose. Docker Desktop for Mac already includes Compose.

Building image

Run bin/install. This is only required the first time you clone this repo or when you pull.

Running app locally

Execute bin/run dev and visit localhost:3000

Generating a build

This step is not required for development or adding radar data, this is run on Netlify.

bin/run build

To see the generated build run:

bin/run prod

Creating a new radar

Create a YAML file under content/radars, the file name must be formatted YYYY-MM-${radarName}.yml, YYYY-MM should be set to the radar's publish year/month and radarName should only contain lower case characters and dashes. Copy the content of the template radar content/radars/1999-01-radar-template.yml into the new radar and modify as needed. Once the radar is ready to be published remove draft: true.

Radar Schema

Attribute Type Required Notes
name String Yes
draft Boolean No Default: false
themes Array of Themes Yes
video URL No Youtube URL of the video
team Array of Members Yes
points Array of Points Yes (if subradars not set)
subradars Array of Subradars Yes (if points not set) Use this instead of points if two subradars should be shown like this
companies Array of Companies Yes

Theme schema

Attribute Type Required
headline String Yes
content String Yes

Member schema

Attribute Type Required Notes
name String Yes
photo URL Yes
bio String Yes
twitter String No Twitter handle
linkedin String No LinkedIn handle

Point schema

Attribute Type Required Notes
name String Yes
homepage URL Yes (if repo not set)
repo String Yes (if homepage not set) github repo (eg kubernetes/kubernetes or facebook/react)
level String Yes One of adopt, trial, assess or hold
votes Votes Yes

Votes schema

Attribute Type Required
adopt integer No
trial integer No
assess integer No
hold integer No

These are not required, leave out those that are 0

Subradar schema

Attribute Type Required
name String Yes
votes Votes Yes

Company schema

Attribute Type Required Notes
landscapeId String Yes ID of the company on the CNCF Landscape, eg v-vmware-member
industry String Yes

Draft radars

Setting draft: true to a radar will make it a draft and therefore it won't be visible on the homepage. Drafts will be viewable from /drafts, eg or localhost:3000/drafts