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CNCF Storage SIG Charter

Primary Author: Quinton Hoole

2019-05-22 - as approved by TOC vote

Reviewed and contributed to by Saad Ali, Alex Chircop, Xing Yang, Xiang Li, and other members of the CNCF Storage Working Group and community.


This is the charter referred to in CNCF SIGs by the CNCF TOC.

Areas Considered In Scope

Storage systems and approaches suitable for and commonly used in modern cloud-native environments are considered in scope:

  • especially where these differ significantly from storage systems and approaches previously commonly used in traditional enterprise data center environments,
  • and which are not already adequately covered by other groups within the CNCF (see below).
  • storage includes block stores, file systems, object stores, databases, key-value stores, and related caching mechanisms.

We strive to understand the fundamental characteristics of different storage approaches with respect to availability, scalability, performance, durability, consistency, ease-of-use, cost and operational complexity; and relate these to their suitability to various cloud-native use cases. This is covered in more detail in the CNCF Storage Landscape White Paper.

Areas Considered Out Of Scope

Anything not considered in scope above (:-)). See also “Interfaces with Related Groups” below.

Examples include:

  • Details of general-purpose low-level storage media like magnetic hard disks, solid-state storage devices, non-volatile memory, etc (which tend not to be very different irrespective of whether or not they’re being used in a cloud-native environment).
  • General authentication, authorization, accounting, auditing etc (even though these clearly apply to storage systems too) - because AAA etc is clearly the domain of the CNCF Security SIG.
  • Standardizing container storage interfaces - this is the domain of CSI.
  • Defining storage abstraction APIs for container orchestrators - these are the domains of the Storage SIGs specific to each orchestrator, e.g. Kubernetes Storage SIG.

SIG Mission Statement

To enable widespread and successful storage of persistent state in cloud-native environments through:

  1. Providing valuable and objective information to the TOC, End Users and Projects of the CNCF regarding areas considered in scope (see above).
  2. Collaborating effectively with other related groups (see below).
  3. Helping to maintain the continued health of CNCF Storage Projects (see below)
  4. Identifying and filling gaps in the landscape of CNCF Storage Projects.

Current CNCF Storage Projects

  1. TiKV
  2. etcd
  3. Vitess
  4. Rook
  5. OpenEBS

Interfaces With Other Related Groups

  • Kubernetes Storage SIG - is focussed towards Kubernetes-specific storage abstractions, interfaces, and implementations of these interfaces. We maintain close communication with this Kubernetes SIG, with several individuals actively involved in both. Our aim is to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort by the two groups, and maintain clear an consistent messaging by the two groups to our end user community and projects.
  • CSI - is focussed on defining an industry standard “Container Storage Interface” (CSI) that will enable storage vendors to develop a plugin once and have it work across a number of container orchestration systems. Again, we maintain close communication with this group, and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and inconsistent messaging wherever possible.
  • CNCF Security SIG - works on the more general area of cloud-native security including authentication, authorization, encryption, accounting, auditing and related topics. We defer as much as possible to this group to deal with general security-related issues, and liaise closely with them on how to deal with storage-specific security areas where these arise.
  • CNCF Apps SIG (not yet fully formed) - will be focussed on the development, deployment, operation and testing of cloud-native applications. We collaborate with this SIG where this pertains to Storage.
  • K8s Apps SIG - has done some work on how Kubernetes apps use storage, as well as how storage systems (including databases) may be deployed on Kubernetes . We collaborate with Apps SIG and make sure that important topics are well covered.
  • Kubernetes Service Catalog SIG- works on enabling external managed software offerings such as datastore services offered by public cloud providers.

Operating Model

This SIG follows the standard operating guidelines provided by the TOC unless otherwise stated here.

Current TOC Liaison: Xiang Li

Co-Chairs: Alex Chircop, Quinton Hoole, (“One Other TBD”)

Tech Leads: Saad Ali, Xing Yang, Sugu Sougoumarane

Other named roles: None at present; will be identified and staffed as needed.

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