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TAG Environmental Sustainability 🌳🌍♻️

Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Technical Advisory Group. This TAG works with the open source community to define environmental sustainability factors for the cloud native landscape, incubate and advocate open source projects to observe and measure Cloud Native infrastructure carbon footprint, optimize and eventually reduce carbon footprint and promote Cloud Native infrastructure to combat environmental challenges.

We want to raise awareness of environmental sustainability as a key element of open source development and support projects which foster an understanding of energy drivers. All activities should positively impact the community by changing mindset, increasing efficiency, and putting sustainability on everyone's agenda.

Working Groups

Following working groups operate under the TAG Environmental Sustainability:

Working Group Scope and Goals Meeting Time
Green Reviews green-reviews/ green-reviews/
Communications communications/ communications/


Please take a look at the Project folder to discover all smaller scoped projects of the TAG.


All the most important links for TAG Environmental Sustainability are also available from a single Linktree page: cncfenvtag.

TAG Environmental Sustainability Co-Chairs

TAG Environmental Sustainability Tech Leads

New contributors

We encourage new contributors to read the contributing documentation. If you have any questions, please contact us through the channels mentioned above.