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CNCF TAG Observability 🔭⚙️

Technical Advisory Group for Observability under the umbrella of CNCF.

Mission statement

TAG Observability focuses on topics pertaining to the observation of cloud native workloads. Additionally, it produces supporting material and best practices for end-users and provides guidance and coordination for CNCF projects working within the TAG’s scope.


Excerpts from the Observability Charter Document:

  • Foster, review and grow the ecosystem of observability related projects, users, and maintainers in open source, cloud-native technology.
  • Identify and report gaps in the CNCF's project portfolio on topics of observability to the TOC and the wider CNCF community.
  • Collect, curate, champion, and disseminate patterns and current best practices related to the observation of cloud-native systems that are effective and actionable.
  • Educate and inform users with unbiased, accurate, and pertinent information. Educate and help other CNCF projects regarding observability techniques and best current practices available within the CNCF.
  • Provide and maintain a vendor-neutral venue for relevant thought validation, discussion, and project feedback.
  • Provide a ladder for community members to become involved with the technical oversight of projects within the SIG's scope in an open, transparent, and inclusive way.

How we communicate

CNCF projects related to the TAG


Interactive Landscape

How to get involved

The best way to get involved is hanging around our channels of communication, joining our calls, and getting a feeling for how we operate.

If you want to contribute to the TAG's activities or propose new ones, please visit our Kanban Board.

If you would like to suggest a specific topic or action item, please determine if there are ongoing activites or prior art. Good starting points are our GitHub Issues, reports, or meeting notes. Please visit us on CNCF Slack for any questions or just to say hello :)


TOC Liaison

Name Email GitHub Company
Lei Zhang resouer Alibaba
Cornelia Davis cdavisafc WeaveWorks

Chairs (alphabetical order)

Name Email CNCF Slack GitHub Company Open Source
Alolita Sharma @Alolita Sharma alolita [-] OpenTelemetry Team
Matt Young @Matt Youn halcyondude EverQuote
Richard Hartmann @RichiH RichiH Grafana Prometheus Team; PromCon Lead

Tech Leads

Name Email CNCF Slack GitHub Company Open Source
Bartłomiej Płotka @bwplotka bwplotka Red Hat Prometheus Team; Thanos Team; Other


This TAG follows the standard operating model provided by the TOC.

Code of Conduct

We follow the CNCF's Code of Conduct.


Technical Advisory Group for Observability 🔭⚙️



Code of conduct





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