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Security Technical Advisory Group

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About Us

The CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group facilitates collaboration to exchange and produce knowledge and resources for building security in the cloud native ecosystem.

Cloud Native involves building, deploying, and operating modern applications in cloud computing environments, typically using open source. This complex ecosystem presents a technology risk landscape that demands rethinking application and information security through the lens of developer experience.

We aim to significantly reduce the probability and impact of attacks, breaches, and compromises. By empowering developers and operators to understand and manage the security posture of their systems, we strive to fulfill the promise of enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

Key Focus Areas

  • System Security Architectures: Frameworks to protect resources and data.
  • Common Lexicon, Templates & Libraries: Tools for developers to create secure apps.
  • Heuristics and Models: Approaches for reasoning about system security.


Below is a list of publications by TAG Security. For a comprehensive collection of our works in various formats, please visit the publications directory.

Publication Date
Formal Verification for Policy Configurations August, 2019
Catalog of Supply Chain Compromises November 2019 - Present
Software Supply Chain Best Practices May, 2021
Evaluating your Supply Chain Security May, 2021
Cloud Native Security Lexicon August, 2021
Cloud Native Security Whitepaper May, 2022
Cloud Native Security Controls Catalog May, 2022
Handling Build-time Dependency Vulnerabilities June, 2022
Secure Software Factory: A Reference Architecture to Securing the Software Supply Chain May, 2022
Secure Defaults February, 2022
Open and Secure - A Manual for Practicing Threat Modeling to Assess and Fortify Open Source Security November, 2023


Refer to the Security TAG charter for our governance process.


Join our open discussions and share news:

Meeting Information

  • Americas: Weekly on Wednesdays at 10 am (UTC-7). Zoom link, Meeting ID: 998 0947 4566.
  • EMEA: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 1 pm UTC+0 (adjusts for daylight saving). Zoom link, Meeting ID: 999 1752 3142.

Check your local timezone here. Meetings are listed on the CNCF calendar and the TAG Security Calendar.

To add a topic to the agenda, review our process.

New members

If you are new to the group, we encourage you to check out our contributing guidelines.

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Security TAG Chairs

Name Organization Term Handle
Pushkar Joglekar Independent June, 2023 - June, 2025 @PushkarJ
Marina Moore Independent October, 2023 - October, 2025 @mnm678
Eddie Knight Sonatype May, 2024 - May, 2026 @eddie-knight

Tech Leads

Name Organization Handle
Justin Cappos New York University @JustinCappos
Ash Narkar Styra @ashutosh-narkar
Andrés Vega M42 @anvega
Ragashree Shekar Independent @ragashreeshekar
Michael Lieberman Kusari @mlieberman85
John Kjell TestifySec @jkjell

Security TAG Chair Emeriti

Name Organization Term Handle
Dan Shaw PayPal June, 2019 - September, 2020 @dshaw
Sarah Allen June, 2019 - June, 2021 @ultrasaurus
Jeyappragash JJ June, 2019 - June, 2021 @pragashj
Emily Fox Apple September, 2020 - February, 2022 @TheFoxAtWork
Brandon Lum Google June, 2021 - June, 2023 @lumjjb
Aradhana Chetal TIAA June, 2021 - September, 2023 @achetal01
Andrew Martin ControlPlane March, 2022 - March, 2024 @sublimino

Working Groups

The TAG's working groups focus on specific areas and organize most community activities, including weekly meetings. These groups facilitate discussions, engagement, and publications with key stakeholders, operating differently based on their needs. Each group, led by a responsible leader, reaches consensus on issues and manages logistics. All materials, such as reports, white papers, documents, and reference architectures, are in the repository's /community directory.

Project Leads
Research Andrés Vega
Automated Governance Andrés Vega, Brandt Keller
Catalog of Supply Chain Compromises Santiago Arias Torres
Compliance Anca Sailer, Robert Ficcaglia
Controls Jon Zeolla
Security Reviews Justin Cappos, Eddie Knight
Software Supply Chain Marina Moore, Michael Liebermann, John Kjell

Additional information

CNCF Security TAG reviews

For CNCF project proposal process create a new security review issue with a self-assessment .