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OPA Incubating Stage Review

OPA is currently a sandbox stage project. Please refer to OPA's sandbox stage proposal for details on the sandbox requirements.

Since entering the CNCF Sandbox, OPA has demonstrated growth and progress. 12 releases were published with 480 commits from 41 individuals. Approximately 75% of the commits came from Styra, 7% Chef, 5% Cisco, and 13% other (compared to 93% Styra and 7% other the year before.) Across the 11 releases, several important features were added to OPA including improved management APIs (Bundle, Status, and Decision Logs), initial support for Rego->Wasm compilation, Rego->SQL and Rego->Elastic Search translation, data mocking, and TLS-based client authentication (contributed by Chef). In addition, OPA added 25 new built-in functions for common operations like JWT decoding, date/time, CIDR, globbing, and regexp. Most of the built-in implementations were contributed by end-users. Lastly, several integrations were also developed: Envoy ext_authz, Ceph, Kafka, Minio, Helm, Kong, and Flask.

In January 2019, Styra, Google, Microsoft, and others began jointly developing and contributing the OPA Gatekeeper sub-project. Gatekeeper integrates OPA with Kubernetes to help admins enforce admission control policies and audit clusters for existing policy violations. Gatekeeper also includes a standard library of policies for common use cases (e.g., registry whitelisting, ingress conflicts, label management, etc.).

Since joining the CNCF, OPA has formalized a governance policy and undergone an external security audit.

Incubating Stage Criteria

Further details of OPA's growth and progress since entering the sandbox stage as well as use case details from the OPA community can be found in this slide deck.