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CNCF Serverless WG

The original intent of the CNCF Serverless Working Group was to explore the intersection of cloud native and serverless technology. As a result of that work the following artifacts were produced:

Since then the working group has expanded its mission to include a set of sub-projects:

While the serverless working group acts as a focal point for serverless relating CNCF activities, each sub-project is independent and defines their own processes, governance model and work. Periodically, each sub-project should join the serverless working group's weekly call to provide an informational update on any key activities that might be of interest to the broader serverless community.

Additional work streams can be suggested, see the proposal directory's README for more information.

The TOC sponsor of this WG is Ken Owens.


Identify one serverless project to rule them all.


The mailing list for e-mail communications:

And a #serverless Slack channel:


Serverless Landscape

You can open up suggestions and issues with the landscape here:

Interactive Landscape

Please see the new interactive version of the landscape. The easy-to-remember URL is

Serverless Overview Whitepaper

The current version of the whitepaper can be found here.

Meeting Time

See the CNCF public events calendar.

The Serverless Working Group meets every Thursday at 9AM PT (USA Pacific). See the Serverless Working Group Meeting Minutes for dial-in information.

In Person Meetings

None planned at this time.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from our calls are available here.

Recording from our calls are available here, and older ones are here.

Some of the presentations made during the calls can be found here.