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Serverless Workflow

Serverless Workflow Specification

Serverless applications are becoming increasingly complex. Nowdays they have to coordinate, manage, and define the execution order (steps) for countless functions triggered by as many events.

Workflows have become key components of serverless applications as they excel at orchestration and coordination of their functional flow.

The goal of the Serverless Workflow sub-group is to come up with a standard way for users to specify their serverless application workflow, as well as help facilitate portability of serverless applications across different vendor platforms.

Serverless Workflow is a vendor-neutral and portable specification which meets these goals.

Serverless Workflow Documents

The following documents are available:

Latest Release Working Draft
Core Specification:
Serverless Workflow master


We have an growing community working together to build a dynamic serverless workflow ecosystem. Community contributions are welcome and much needed to move this specification forward.

To learn about current community efforts and how to contribute reference the Serverless Workflow Community doc.

As a CNCF member project, we abide by the CNCF Code of Conduct. You can find the Serverless Workflow specification Governance information here.


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