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SMORe: Modularize Graph Embedding for Recommendation


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This is a C++ framework for variant weighted network embedding techniques. We currently release the command line interface for following models:

In the near future, we will redesign the framework making some solid APIs for fast development on different network embedding techniques.

Developed Environment

  • g++ > 4.9 (In macOS, it needs OpenMP-enabled compilers. e.g. brew reinstall gcc6 --without-multilib)


$ git clone
$ cd smore
$ make


Given a network input:

userA itemA 3
userA itemC 5
userB itemA 1
userB itemB 5
userC itemA 4

The model learns the representations of each vertex:

6 5
userA 0.0815412 0.0205459 0.288714 0.296497 0.394043
itemA -0.207083 -0.258583 0.233185 0.0959801 0.258183
itemC 0.0185886 0.138003 0.213609 0.276383 0.45732
userB -0.0137994 -0.227462 0.103224 -0.456051 0.389858
itemB -0.317921 -0.163652 0.103891 -0.449869 0.318225
userC -0.156576 -0.3505 0.213454 0.10476 0.259673

Command Line Interface

Directly call the execution file to see the usage like:


then you will see the options description like:

Options Description:
        -train <string>
                Train the Network data
        -save <string>
                Save the representation data
        -dimensions <int>
                Dimension of vertex representation; default is 64
        -undirected <int>
                Whether the edge is undirected; default is 1
        -negative_samples <int>
                Number of negative examples; default is 5
        -window_size <int>
                Size of skip-gram window; default is 5
        -walk_times <int>
                Times of being staring vertex; default is 10
        -walk_steps <int>
                Step of random walk; default is 40
        -threads <int>
                Number of training threads; default is 1
        -alpha <float>
                Init learning rate; default is 0.025
./deepwalk -train net.txt -save rep.txt -undirected 1 -dimensions 64 -walk_times 10 -walk_steps 40 -window_size 5 -negative_samples 5 -alpha 0.025 -threads 1

Example Script

This shell script will help obtain the representations of the Youtube links in Youtube-links dataset.

cd example

Changing the number of threads in could speedup the process.

Running with Docker

  • Running with locally built image
    • Building docker image which is created following the instructions of Dockerfile
    docker build -t smore:latest .
    • Running container instantiated by image.
    docker run -it --name smore --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/local/smore/data smore:latest model_name -train training_dataset -save embedding [model_options]
    • Example:
    docker run -it --name smore --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/local/smore/data smore:latest  hpe -train net.txt -save rep.txt  
  • Running with published image
    • Running
    ./ model_name -train training_dataset -save embedding [model_options]
    • Example:
    ./ model_name -train training_dataset -save embedding [model_options]

Related Work

You can find related work from awesome-network-embedding.


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for HOP-REC & CSE, it is required to assign the field of each vertex in "vertex field" form:

userA u
userB u
userC u
itemA i
itemB i
itemC i
itemD i

by -field argument.


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