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A markdown-formatted transcription of The Plays of Roswitha translated by Christopher St. John
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The Plays of Roswitha translated by Christopher St. John


Roswitha, also known as Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, was a tenth century German canoness, dramatist, and poet. Inspired by the Roman playwright Terence, but also upset by his immoral subject matter, Roswitha sought to "Christianize" his work through six plays of her own.


The Plays of Roswitha
Translated by Christopher St. John
London: Chatto & Windus, 1923

Text retrieved from the Internet Archive:

Computer transcription corrected by Cameron N. Coulter.

This work (The Plays of Roswitha, by Roswitha of Gandersheim), identified by Cameron N. Coulter, is free of known copyright restrictions within the United States.

For more on Roswitha:


  1. Translator's Note
  2. Introduction by His Eminence Cardinal Gasquet
  3. Critical Preface by Christopher St. John
  4. The Prefaces of Roswitha
  5. Gallicanus
  6. Dulcitius
  7. Callimachus
  8. Abraham
  9. Paphnutius
  10. Sapientia
  11. Note on the Acting of the Plays
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