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Block Log is a small Anti-Grief plugin with rollback support. This plugin is still in development and it constantly gains new features!


  • MySQL support
  • Specify how many blocks a rollback should change over a time span to prevent lag
  • Rollback players or just explosion damage
  • Rollback the whole world or just a small area
  • Undo the last rollback or any rollback at any time
  • Simulate a rollback to see how many blocks will be affected
  • Cancel any active rollback
  • Per world log options
  • Logs blocks destroyed by mcMMO's skills
  • Highly customizable, turn off any kind of logging
  • Automatic database purge
  • A fully functional grief report system build-in
  • Search commands to search the database
  • See a player his last edits in the whole world or just over a small area
  • Both automatic and manual save options


  • Player placed blocks
  • Player destroyed blocks
  • Blocks destroyed by fire
  • Fire extinguish
  • Use of buckets
  • Explosions
  • Interactions with chests, doors, etc.
  • Leaves decaying (Optional)
  • Tree growing (Optional)
  • Portal creation (Optional)
  • Block form (Optional)
  • Block spread (Optional)
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