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Simon Game

Simon says... Touch your nose! Now jump on one leg!! Oh wait no that's a different Simon game...

Project Details

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Simon Game


  • New game creates new random series of game play
  • Each time you press the correct button, the game plays through the series plus a new move
  • Each colour has its own sound that plays when the computer shows a move and when you press the correct move
  • If you push the wrong button, a buzzer sounds, and the series plays for you to remind you of the game play series
  • A counter keeps track of your moves
  • If you hit "Start" during game play, the game will return to a single step with the same gameplay series
  • You can play in Strict Mode where if you get a button press wrong, or hit Start, the game will restart with a new random series of game play
  • You win after reaching 20 correct steps, with a sound notifying you of your victory

Technologies Used

  • HTML / CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


Project idea: FCC Build a Simon Game
Mp3 sounds:
Background image: