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My Emacs Configuration

This configuration is meant to be used with Emacs 24. It is not guaranteed, or even likely, that it will work with anything less than that.

Where’s the Code?

If you look at init.el, you will only see a short snippet of code. This code loads the org-mode file and then executes the Emacs Lisp code in there. This is fantastic, because it allows me to document my configuration through org-mode instead of through comments.

Strangely, I found that when I could organize my configuration with org-mode, I did not need to split it into a bunch of different files. My theory is that I was using the separate files to name sections of my configuration, which I can do just as well with the structure of org-mode.

Unfortunately, org-mode files do not always render well on Github. Code blocks are not formatted at all. You can feel free to look at the code here, but I suggest pulling it down and looking at it within Emacs for now. I also have rendered it as HTML at

Values and Goals

My #1 value to impress on this config is simplicity. If I can get away with not including something, I will.

My #1 goal when writing this config is to learn Emacs Lisp better. I know Scheme (particularly PLT Racket) pretty well, but I don’t really know Emacs Lisp.


My emacs config






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