This is a full stack CRUD app I created as one of my project requirements for Galvanize's web development immersive program.
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Hike tracker is a fullstack crud app which allows users to track hikes they have accomplished and rate them.



  • ReactJS
  • React Semantic UI
  • Firebase for Deployment


  • Node
  • Express
  • Knex
  • Postgresql
  • Heroku for Deployment


  • The main challenge I had was coming up with a proper data schema and structure for the back end. Currently both tables are not connected so you have to track hikes and review them seperately.

  • Since this was my second React project, I had trouble passing props and lifting state back to my app.js so that the CRUD functionality would happened automatically without requiring a hot refresh.

Future Implementations

  • I would like to condense both hike data tables into one and add a users table. With that said, I would like to learn firebase auth so users can sign in and tracker their own hikes and rate them.

  • I love minimalsm when it comes to styling, but I would like to play with react semantic UI some more. At this momemnt I do not have a clear direction as to where I want to take it from a UX/UI stand point

Setup Instructions

To run this project locally:

  1. Fork and clone this repo
  2. In your command line run: git clone {your-forked-repo-link}
  3. Run npm install

Contact Author

Christopher Nemeth

If you would like to contribute please contact me here.

-- MIT License