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Adding default value for line plot axis (see #8496)

IE8 doesn't allow reading the dropdown selected value for a hidden DOM element, which we have on the full viewer line plot when we click on the enable checkbox, so defaulting to horizontal if element isn't available
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1 parent 97113fa commit ed92fd4dcd9eb6a0309501ef32cb10aedd289a14 @cneves committed Apr 23, 2012
@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@
var editLinePlot = function (show) {
if (show) {
- viewport.prepareLinePlot($('#wblitz-lp-axis-select option[selected]').val());
+ viewport.prepareLinePlot($('#wblitz-lp-axis-select option[selected]').val() || 'h');
} else {

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