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Archived for posterity


backup - Instant, system wide version control.

backup [-abcfiqsw] [FILE...]                  = Add files to archive
backup -d [-sv] FILE                          = Diff two files
backup -k [-s] PATH                           = Make an archive
backup -l [-abcefinsvw] [FILE...]             = List files in archive
backup -m [-abcfipsw] [FILE...] PATH          = Move an archive file
backup -r [-abefioqstvw] [FILE...]            = Restore an archive file
backup -z [-abcfiqsvw] [FILE...]              = Delete an archive file

-a        Operate against all files in the working directory

-b        Display verbose output

-c TEXT   Add a comment to, or show comments on an archive file

-e EXT    Append extension to a restored file (default:

-f FILE   Operate against a given list of files (overrides "-a")

-i        Operate recursivly (requires "-a" or "-f")

-n        Show this many (maximum) results. Set to '0' to show all.
          (default: 10)

-o        Allow restore to overwrite files (overrides "-e")

-p        Propogate movement of a file to filesystem.

-q        Quiet, no output (overrides "-b")

-s PATH   Storage path of the file archive (default: $BACKUP_PATH)

-t        Set the directory to restore to (default: %f )

-v #[,#]  Version number of file to list or restore (default: latest)

-w PATH   Change the working directory (default: current)

Certain macros can be used in command line options as substitues for
variables. For example, in the default "-e" they are used to append the
date to restored files.

In addition to the following, you may use any macro available to
Date::Format. The time reflected is the time that the file was archived.

%F        Log message given

%f        Source path

%K        Absolute path of the archive

%v        Author who added/committed the file

%V        Version number

'backup' uses the following exit codes

0         No error

1         User input, or usage error

2         Configuration error

4         Internal process error

'backup' uses the following output markers to identify changes or
updates made:

A:        Added file/path to archive

C:        Created archive

D:        Deleted file in archive

F:        File name

I:        Ignored file

M:        Moved file

N:        Not found

R:        Restored file

S:        Skipped file

U:        Updated file in archive

V:        Archive Version

backup v0.2

CJ Niemira <>

2008, CJ Niemira

This program is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
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