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##ESP Localizer Board The esplocalizer-tight design is open source and leverages the versatility of the ESP8266 microprocessor and WiFi along with the 10 degrees of freedom sensors and integrated battery controller. The unit comes with basic sensor code loaded and tested on the board.

Physical ESPLocalizer

Ebay link:

##ESP-12-F: ESP-12F WiFi module is developed by Ai-thinker Team. core processor ESP8266 in smaller sizes of the module encapsulates Tensilica L106 integrates industry-leading ultra low power 32-bit MCU micro, with the 16-bit short mode, Clock speed support 80 MHz, 160 MHz, supports the RTOS, integrated Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA, on-board antenna. The module supports standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n agreement, complete TCP/IP protocol stack. Users can use the add modules to an existing device networking, or building a separate network controller. ESP8266 is high integration wireless SOCs, designed for space and power constrained mobile platform designers. It provides unsurpassed ability to embed Wi-Fi capabilities within other systems, or to function as a standalone application, with the lowest cost, and minimal space requirement.

##BMP280: BMP280 is an absolute barometric pressure sensor especially designed for mobile applications. The sensor module is housed in an extremely compact package. Its small dimensions and its low power consumption allow for the implementation in battery driven devices such as mobile phones, GPS modules or watches

##LSM9DS1: The LSM9DS1 is a versatile, motion-sensing system-in-a-chip. It houses a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer – nine degrees of freedom (9DOF) in a single IC.

##STBC08: The STBC08 is a constant current/constant voltage charger for single-cell Li-Ion batteries. The ESPLocalizer comes with a connector for hubsan-type lithium ion batteries.

Resources forums:

Pinout: ESPLocalizer pinout


ESP8266 with IMU, Barometer and Battery







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