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Collection of tools to work with gitolite repositories.


Debian and Ubuntu Package

The same package should work for all relatively recent Debian and Ubuntu versions. Ubuntu PPA repository can be found here and the individual packages here.


By default, the programs will be installed to "git --exec-path". Just call:

make && sudo make install

If git is installed to your home directory, sudo is not needed.

Installation directory can also be specified by setting gitexecdir, e.g.:

make gitexecdir=$HOME/gitexec install

This can be useful if you can't or don't want to mess with the git installation. gitolite-tools can then be used by setting GIT_EXEC_PATH. For example:

GIT_EXEC_PATH="$HOME/gitexec:$(git --exec-path)"

Other useful overridable Make variables are:

  • SHELL_PATH (default: /bin/sh)
  • AWK_PATH (default: gawk)
  • INSTALL (default: install)

Search more from the Makefile.


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Teemu Matilainen

License: Apache 2