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Utilities Added

I added this elements into my fork:

Animals and Bugs

  • Fireflies (This was added at the original Minetest, see more explanation on its page)



The following camouflage has been added:

  • Cobblestone Camouflage
  • Stone Camouflage
  • Dirt Camouflage
  • Dirt with Grass Camouflage
  • Clay Camouflage
  • Brick Block Camouflage
  • Sandstone Camouflage
  • Sand Camouflage
  • Desert Sand Camouflage
  • Desert Stone Camouflage
  • Gravel Camouflage
  • Invisible Stone

See more info at Camouflage article.


From Other Repositories

From MirceaKitsune Repository

Thanks to MirceaKitsune!

See MirceaKitsune's repository

Added this elements from the MirceaKitsune's base-ores branch.

From VanessaE Repository

Thanks to VanessaE!

There are various repositories from her, I use this:

This adds lot of things to be listed here!

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