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Left or right? That is the question!
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Left or right? That is the question!

In busy season, the correct scheduling of trains is not easy, you must prevent them from collision. Each train has its own destination which marked by the solid circle with same color. Click branches marked by green rectangles to control the track of trains.

Getting Started

Click here to play. Or clone and open index.html to play.

Make sure your browser support html5 canvas. We recommend high version chrome, safari and opera. Firefox 16.0 is ok, but version 17.0 has some font problems. IE is not supported.


Oh! Collision!


Yeah! Here we are!

Yeah!Here we are!

Used open source projects:

  • Colorbox: a html5 game engine which will be officially opened soon.
  • Cocos2d-html: just geometry.js and distributing tool.


"Left or Right?" game is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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