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django-jira is some Django middleware that will automatically create an
issue in a JIRA instance when an exception occurs. It handles duplicate
exceptions by adding comments to the first instance of that exception.

Requires: suds

To install, run:

    python install

Then add:


to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in, along with the appropriate settings
from the list below.

Settings for Django

JIRA_URL = A URL with trailing slash to the JIRA install

JIRA_USER = The username of the user to log in to JIRA as

JIRA_PASSWORD = The password of the user to log in to JIRA as

JIRA_ISSUE_DEFAULTS = A dictionary of the settings to use when creating a JIRA
                      issue, e.g.,
        'project': 'PROJ', # The project code inside JIRA
        'type':    1       # The ID of the issue type to be created. 1 = Bug

JIRA_REOPEN_CLOSED = If an exception is raised and an issue is closed is in any
                     of the states indicated by this setting, it will be
                     reopened. Set to an empty tuple to disable, otherwise (4,6)
                     is 'Resolved' and 'Closed' in a default JIRA install

JIRA_REOPEN_ACTION = The ID of the action to apply in JIRA to reopen an issue
                     that is closed (by default '3' is Reopen Issue)

JIRA_REPORT_IN_DEBUG = If set to True, then JIRA will report even if in DEBUG
                       mode, by default it does not.

JIRA_WONT_FIX = The ID of the "Won't Fix" resolution, Django-JIRA won't reopen
                tickets with this resolution