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Splunk Whisperer 2 (C#)


This tool requires at least .NET 4.5 (which isn't available by default on Windows 7 / 2008). If this condition is not met, see PySplunkWhisperer2 in the same repository.

Build instructions

I do not publish binaries on purpose. You have to build it yourself, for example with Visual Studio 2017 Community. The required packages are fetched by NuGet.


SharpSplunkWhisperer2 only implements Local Privilege Escalation (LPE) mode for Windows targets. For Remote Code Execution (RCE), and Linux targets, see PySplunkWhisperer2 in the same repository.

The following arguments exist but are optional:

  • --UserName, default="admin"
  • --Password, default="changeme"
  • --Port, default=8089
  • --Scheme, default="https"
  • --Payload, default="calc.exe"

The app bundle is created locally (temp file) and Splunk installs it from there.

Supported platforms

SharpSplunkWhisperer2 is designed to be run locally on Windows computers.


This tool is inspired by the original Splunk Whisperer by @airman604.

The main advantage of this version is that the Deployment Server used by the Universal Forwarder is not changed. It only installs a new application (then removes it) so it is less intrusive and the code is simpler.


Resources provided here are shared to demonstrate risk. These can be used only against systems you own or are authorized to test, these must not be used for illegal purposes. The author cannot be held responsible for any misuse or damage from any material provided here.

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