Projects and templates for the STM32Nucleo-F4 developing board
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Eclipse project templates for STM32Nucleo-F4

This repository contains basic templates for the STM32Nucleo-F4 developing board from ST.

These projects are thought as companion examples to my blog posts where I describe in depth how to use them. However they can be a good starting point to start programming your Nucleo board.

Templates were generated in Eclipse using GNU ARM Eclipse by Liviu Ionescu. If you need to setup the whole Eclipse/GCC ARM tool-chain, you can follow this series made of three parts on my blog.

These templates are preconfigured to work with Nucleo-F401RE and Nucleo-F411RE boards. To select the proper board, you have to add NUCLEO_F401 or NUCLEO_F411 macro define to the project settings, as shown in the following picture. setting macro variable ad project level