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cnoviello Added stm32-nucleof4-ethshield1 project
Added the project that uses the official Arduino Ethernet shield on the
Latest commit 53951f1 Aug 15, 2015

STM32Nucleo-F4 FreeRTOS example

This example project shows how to start programming with FreeRTOS on a STM32Nucleo board. The project is a simple app with two tasks: one of this waits until the user presses the blue button on the Nucleo; when this happens, it wakes up the other task locked on a semaphore; this task will start blinking the green LED forever.

It was generated in Eclipse using GNU ARM Eclipse by Liviu Ionescu. If you need to setup the whole Eclipse/GCC ARM tool-chain, you can follow this series made of three parts on my blog.

If you are interested in knowing the full story under this project (how to generate the project, to import FreeRTOS, etc), I wrote a tutorial on my blog.

The example is preconfigured to work with Nucleo-F401RE board.

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