NFS Guide

fengmk2 edited this page Oct 17, 2018 · 24 revisions support custom storage, but all the storage need follow the rules:


  • async function upload(filepath, options)
    • filepath: upload file path
    • options
      • key: identifie of this file
      • size: file size
  • async function uploadBuffer(fileBuffer, options)
    • fileBuffer: upload file content buffer
    • options
      • key: identifie of this file
      • size: fileBuffer size
      • shasum: fileBuffer sha1
      • shasum256: fileBuffer sha256
  • async function remove(key)
    • key: file identifie
  • async function download(key, savePath, options)[optional]
    • key: file identifie
    • savePath: download path
    • options
      • timeout
  • async function createDownloadStream(key, options)[optional]
    • key: file identifie
    • options
      • timeout
    • return {ReadStream}
  • async function url(key)[optional] url method should be async function too.
    • key: file identifie

All function are async function.

Support Storage Types

  1. Can download the uploaded file through http request. like qn-cnpm.
  • uploadBuffer: use options.key to customize the filename, then callback {url: ''}.
  • url: accept a key and respond download url.
  • remove: remove file by key
  1. Can not download by http request. like sfs-client or oss-cnpm.
  • uploadBuffer: upload the file, and must callback {key: 'xxx'}, so can record the key, and use this key to download or remove.
  • download: need provide download api to download the file by key.
  • createDownloadStream: streaming download file by key
  • remove: remove file by key

Present Storage wrappers

  • fs: A filesystem storage wrapper
  • sfs: A wrapper for a simple distribute file storage system sfs
  • qn: qiniu cloud storage service wrapper
  • oss: ali oss storage service wrapper
  • upyun: upyun cloud storage service wrapper
  • cos: cos Qcloud Cloud Object Storage
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