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Notes for Rocket-Chip

  • amba This RTL package uses diplomacy to generate bus implementations of AMBA protocols, including AXI4, AHB-lite, and APB.
  • chip This top-level utility package invokes Chisel to elaborate a particular configuration of a coreplex, along with the appropriate testing collateral.
  • config This utility package provides Scala interfaces for configuring a generator via a dynamically-scoped parameterization library.
  • coreplex This RTL package generates a complete coreplex by gluing together a variety of components from other packages, including: tiled Rocket cores, a system bus network, coherence agents, debug devices, interrupt handlers, externally-facing peripherals, clock-crossers and converters from TileLink to external bus protocols (e.g. AXI or AHB).
  • devices This RTL package contains implementations for peripheral devices, including the Debug module and various TL slaves.
  • diplomacy This utility package extends Chisel by allowing for two-phase hardware elaboration, in which certain parameters are dynamically negotiated between modules.
  • groundtest This RTL package generates synthesizeable hardware testers that emit randomized memory access streams in order to stress-tests the uncore memory hierarchy.
  • jtag This RTL package provides definitions for generating JTAG bus interfaces.
  • regmapper This utility package generates slave devices with a standardized interface for accessing their memory-mapped registers.
  • rocket This RTL package generates the Rocket in-order pipelined core, as well as the L1 instruction and data caches. This library is intended to be used by a chip generator that instantiates the core within a memory system and connects it to the outside world.
  • tile This RTL package contains components that can be combined with cores to construct tiles, such as FPUs and accelerators.
  • tilelink This RTL package uses diplomacy to generate bus implementations of the TileLink protocol. It also contains a variety of adapters and protocol converters.
  • unittest This utility package contains a framework for generateing synthesizeable hardware testers of individual modules.
  • util This utility package provides a variety of common Scala and Chisel constructs that are re-used across multiple other packages.

The document is partially based on commit #aff028f8 07 Aug. 2017.

Last updated: 08/08/2017
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, © (2017) Wei Song
Apache 2.0, © (2016-2017) SiFive, Inc
BSD, © (2012-2014, 2016) The Regents of the University of California (Regents)


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