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A mmog engine of server.
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KBEngine -- open source MMOG server engine.


##Releases sources : binarys :

##Demo sources

unity3d		:
ogre		:
html5		:

##Docs API : tutorial : online_docs :

##Support Email : Maillist :



##What is KBEngine?

An open source MMOG server engine, Using a simple protocol will be able to make the client and server interaction, To use the KBEngine-plugins quick combine with (Unity3D, OGRE, Cocos2d, HTML5, etc.) to form a complete client.

Engine framework written using c++, Game logic layer using Python, developers do not need to re-implement some common server-side technology, Allows developers to concentrate on the game logic development, quickly create a variety of games.

(Frequently asked load-limit, kbengine is designed to be multi-process distributed dynamic load balancing scheme, In theory only need to expand hardware can increase load-limit, The complexity of the single machine load-limit depends on the logic of the game itself.)


一款开源的游戏服务端引擎,使用简单的约定协议就能够使客户端与服务端进行交互, 使用KBEngine插件能够快速与(Unity3D, OGRE, Cocos2d, HTML5, 等等)技术结合形成一个完整的客户端。

服务端底层框架使用c++编写, 游戏逻辑层使用Python, 开发者无需重复的实现一些游戏服务端通用的底层技术, 将精力真正集中到游戏开发层面上来,快速的打造各种网络游戏。

(经常被问到承载上限, kbengine底层架构被设计为多进程分布式动态负载均衡方案, 理论上只需要不断扩展硬件就能够 不断增加承载上限, 单台机器的承载上限取决于游戏逻辑本身的复杂度。)


会实现KBEngine Cocos2dx 版本. 重点是客户端框架封装. 提供和KBE相似的开发流程. 可能无python脚本.但用CPP写逻辑也不错吧.

##Sponsor:ucloud. ucloud Thanks for provide demo server for 6 months.

地址在 目录下.

2014-07-01 PreAlpha is ready. Now, cocos2dx client can chat with unity3d client in the KBE same game server . by cnsoft

2014-07-03 create submodule : kbengine_cocos2dx_demo

ensure use this : git submodule update --init --recursive to download


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