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Open in TextMate, open in VS Code buttons for Finder toolbar and MB pro Touch Bar
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'open in' buttons for MacOS X Finder toolbar and mb pro touchbar

Finder toolbar


Macbook pro touchbar



Available apps

  • Terminal
  • iTerm
  • TextMate
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime text
  • Atom

How to


Open Setting -> Keyboard -> Touch Bar and add quick access buton to touch bar.

Then open *.workflow files from scr/touchbar and save them.
Or copy *.workflow files to ~/Library/Services

Finder toolbar.

  • Download apps
  • copy to applications folder
  • and drag it to Finder toolbar (hold ⌘cmd)

Sublime Text

Read this topic before run "open-in-Sublime" app

Text Mate

Read this before run the app

How it works? How to change something?

take a look in src folder

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