Draw letters to guess the word or phrase before the snowman melts.
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Snowman is a simple Apple Watch game. The objective is to draw letters to guess the word or phrase before the snowman melts.

Snowman for Apple Watch


Snowman was built to demonstrate using CoreML to build a game for watchOS 4. The project includes an Apple Watch app and several scripts to train handwriting recognition models that are compatible with CoreML.


  • Snowman was built as a companion app to demonstrate new watchOS 4 features, and as an example of how to use CoreML on watchOS.
  • The presentation that describes how Snowman was built and many other capabilities of watchOS 4 can be found here and here.

Building Snowman

  • Snowman requires Xcode 9 (latest version), iOS 11, and watchOS 4

Machine Learning

  • Snowman uses a handwriting recognition model trained on the Extended MNIST data set.
  • For more information on training a handwriting recognition model, check out the README and scripts located in the Training folder.

Known Issues

  • SpriteKit doesn't load initially for interface controllers on watchOS 4 Beta 5. To resolve, background the app when the spinner appears and then re-open it and the interface controller will load. (Fixed in Beta 6)