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Restricted Workers Library

This library provides an abstract interface for running various kinds of workers under resource restrictions. It was originally developed as part of the interactive-diagrams ( project. You can read more about security restrictions in the wiki:

The library provides a convenient way of running worker processes, saving data obtained by the workers at start-up, a simple pool abstraction and a configurable security and resource limitations.

Right now there are several kinds of security restrictions that could be applied to the worker process:

  • RLimits
  • chroot jail
  • custom process euid
  • cgroups
  • process niceness
  • SELinux security context


The easiest way to get a grip of the restricted-workers library is to look at the examples below showing off the basic concepts of the library. Another good idea would be to read haddock documentations which feature comments for each exported function and type in the library. Do not hesitate to bug me if you think that the documentation in some places can be improved.


The following examples will walk you through creating basic kinds of workers (IOWorker), handling a pool of workers, communicating with workers using 'System.Restricted.Workers.Protocol' and creating your own types of workers.

Wiki page

External configurations

Some restrictions require external configuration, below we provide some example files for them that we use in interactive-diagrams:

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