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Trademark clause

Additionnal trademark clause


co-ment(R) is a registered trademark of Philippe Aigrain.

Additional trademark clause to the GNU Affero GPLv3 license for the COMT software

As authorized by the GNU AGPLv3 license, users of the COMT software can only make use of the co-ment trademark in compliance with the regulation of use (see below).

Regulation of use for the co-ment(R) trademark


Sopinspace is a SARL (limited liability company) with a capital of 15000 €, registered in France under the number RCS Paris B 451 436 604 with VAT number FR92 451 436 604. Sopinspace(R) is a registered trademark. Postal address: 4, passage de la Main d'Or, F-75011 Paris, France.


For the application of this regulation:

  1. Country of operation designate the country in which an activity (such as operating a Web service or distributing software) covered by the co-ment trademark classes is conducted.
  2. Commercial purpose designates any activity associated with a direct commercial transaction (for instance users or organisations paying to access a service or using a software) or an indirect commercial income (for instance advertising funded sites).
  3. Commercial entity designates any company (whatever its statute) as defined by the general rules of accounting and tax in the country of operation.
  4. Non-for-profit activity designates an activity conducted without a direct or indirect aim of profit. Any activity having a commercial purpose as defined above is excluded.
  5. Non-for-profit organisation any organisation recognized in the country of operation as having on of the common statutes for non-for-profit organizations.
  6. General interest organisation designates an organization whose main purpose is to serve the public.
  7. Sopinspace co-ment sites designates any website operated by Sopinspace whose domain name contains co-ment and any subdomain of these sites.


Use of the co-ment trademark by a commercial entity or for any commercial purpose is forbidden without written authorization of the tramemark holder.

Non-for-profit organisations are welcome to make use of the co-ment trademark within source code, documentation or user interfaces for their non-for-profit activities when operating Web services or software based on the COMT platform or developing activities making use of Sopinspace's co-ment(R) Web services, provided that:

  • they add the customary (R) sign to mentions of the trademark, and,
  • they include at least one visible link to one of Sopinspace's co-ment sites when mentioning the trademark in documentation or user interfaces.

General interest organisations may be granted the same authorization on written request to Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace, 4 passage de la Main d'Or, F-75011 Paris France, depending of the tramemark holder's evaluation.