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CHANGELOG for 2.3.x

This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done in 2.3 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash To get the diff between two versions, go to

  • 2.3.0-BETA2 (2013-05-10)

    • 97bee20: Pass exceptions from the ExceptionListener to Monolog
    • be42dbc: [HttpFoundation][File][UploadedFile] Fix guessClientExtension() method
    • a5441b2: Fixed parsing of leading blank lines in folded scalars. Closes #7989.
    • e8d5d16: Fixed Loader import
    • bd0c48c: [Console] moved the IO configuration to its own method
    • fdb4b1f: [Console] moved --help support to allow proper behavior with other passed options
    • dd0e138: Eased translationNodeVisitor overriding in TranslationExtension
    • 853f681: fixed request scope issues (refs #7457)
    • 60edc58: Fixed fatal error in normalize/denormalizeObject.
    • 78e3710: ProxyManager Bridge
    • 41805c0: [Crawler] Add proper validation of node argument of method add
    • 7933971: [Form] Added radio button for empty value to expanded single-choice fields
    • 0586c7e: made some optimization when parsing YAML files
    • 1856df3: [Security] fixed wrong merge (refs #4776)
    • 5b7e1e6: added a missing check for the provider key
    • f1c2ab7: [DependencyInjection] Add a method map to avoid computing method names from service names
    • ea633f5: [HttpKernel] Avoid updating the context if the request did not change
    • 997d549: [HttpFoundation] Avoid a few unnecessary str_replace() calls
    • f5e7f24: [HttpFoundation] Optimize ServerBag::getHeaders()
    • 59b78c7: [Validator] Fixed: $traverse and $deep is passed to the visitor from Validator::validate()
    • bcb5400: [Form] Fixed transform()/reverseTransform() to always throw TransformationFailedExceptions
    • 7b2ebbf: [Form] Fixed: String validation groups are never interpreted as callbacks
    • 0610750: if the repository method returns an array ensure that it's internal poin...
    • dcced01: [Form] Improved multi-byte handling of NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer
    • 90a20d7: [Translation] Made translation domain defaults in Translator consistent with TranslatorInterface
    • 549a308: [Form] Fixed CSRF error messages to be translated and added "csrf_message" option
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