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Text expander for Linux and X11


Compiling & Install

Arch Linux

If you are using Arch Linux you should consider using the package I've uploaded in the AUR stella-typer-git this will do the compiling for you, and manage your package correctly.

If you use pacaur it will also install the other AUR dependencies


./configure (or cmake .)
make install


Run stellad in the background use stella-config to alter the settings of the running stellad.

stella-config --help has extensive usage info

Consider using the stella-config -I option for iteractive console. ctrl + c to exit.

Listing current shortcuts

stella-config -s list or interactive mode

Adding shortcuts

Easy mode

stella-config -I

Hard mode

stella-config -Sak <key> -v <value> -e "true" will add the <key> with resultant text <value>

stella-config -Srk <key> will remove it

stella-config -Sm will remove any keys that exist before readding.


Configuration is not saved unless explicitly requested, use stella-config -s save to save

Building unittests and documentation

You need to have doxygen installed to build the documentation. By default building documentation is disabled, to enable it, use ccmake . from the root of the repo and set the BuildDocs option to ON. Then use:

cmake .
make docs

Building unit tests is disabled by default. To enable it, set BuildTests to true in ccmake .. You need to have the UnitTest++ library installed to build and run the unittests.

cmake .
make tests   # build and run all unit tests
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