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coala-bears is a Python package containing all the bears that are officially supported by coala. It features more than 78 bears covering 54 languages. Here is a generated list that contains information about each bear, such as the languages it supports and what fixes it can apply to your code.

'Throughput Graph'


To install the latest stable version, run:

$ pip3 install coala-bears


To install the latest development version, run:

$ pip3 install coala-bears --pre

The latest code from the master branch is automatically deployed as the development version in PyPI.

To also install all bears for coala at once, run:

$ pip3 install coala-bears

Be sure to use the latest version of pip, the default pip from Debian doesn't support our dependency version number specifiers. You will have to use a virtualenv in this case.

PyPI Windows |Linux|

Languages Supported

To see what coala can do for your language, run:

$ coala --show-bears --filter-by-language Python
Languages coala provides algorithms for
C Latex SQL
C++ Lua Stylus
C# Markdown Swift
CMake Matlab/Octave TypeScript
CoffeeScript Natural Language (English) Verilog
Dart PHP Vimscript
Fortran Python 2 XML
Go Python 3 YAML
Haskell R  
HTML reStructured Text  
Java Ruby  
JavaScript Scala  
Julia sh & bash scripts  

The number of bears grows every day! If you want to see any particular functionality be sure to submit an issue, but please read the Getting Involved section before doing so.

You can read more at our documentation. There you can learn how to easily write bears yourself! Be sure to let us know if you do so, so we'll be able to include it here and spread the word about it.


For more information about how to do basic analysis, check out the coala README.

Getting Involved

If you would like to be a part of the coala community, you can check out our Getting In Touch page or ask us at our active Gitter channel, where we have maintainers from all over the world. We appreciate any help!

We also have a Newcomers' Guide to help you get started by fixing an issue yourself! If you get stuck anywhere or need some help, feel free to contact us on Gitter or drop a mail at our newcomer mailing list.



Feel free to contact us at our Gitter channel, we'd be happy to help!

If you are interested in commercial support, please contact us on the Gitter channel as well.

You can also drop an email at our mailing list.


coala is maintained by a growing community. Please take a look at the meta information in for the current maintainers.