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coala-bears 0.11.0

This release has been brought to you by 30 contributors contributing over 101 commits.

New Bears


  • StyleLintBear - Lints css files using stylelint


  • ElmLintBear - Formats source code according to given set of rules.


  • LicenseCheckBear - Checks given files for license. Searches start or end of files for lines belonging to various licenses.
  • DuplicateFileBear - Checks for duplicate files.


  • FilenameBear can now recognize kebab-case naming convention.
  • FilenameBear can predict naming conventions for wide-spread languages like java, javascript and python. Set the file_naming_convention to auto to use this feature.
  • GitCommitBear can now enforce issue reference in commits.
  • GitCommitBear now recognizes user/repo#12 type issue references.
  • JSONFormatBear notifies if run on empty files.
  • JSONFormatBear tells the lines and columns at which the error occured instead of showing it in the error message.

New settings

  • LineCountBear can now exclude blank lines in counting the number of lines in a file. The new setting name is exclude_blank_lines and it is disabled by default i.e. False.
  • PyUnusedCodeBear can remove unused variables, see setting remove_unused_variable.
  • ShellCheckBear can ignore specific rules by providing those in the ignore_actions setting.
  • YAMLLintBear can now be configured to check for maximum characters in a line, by default it is set to 80.

Default Setting Modifications

  • LanguageToolBear - language setting is changed to natural_language, please update your settings, it'll be deprecated completely in next release.
  • MarkdownBear - max_line_length setting is changed to None instead of 80. Issue 1581
  • YAMLLintBear - document_start setting is changed to None, not forbiding the usage of document start marker(---) by default. Issue 1417

Bug Fixes

  • InvalidLinkBear now extracts links from markdown correctly. Issue 1338
  • InvalidLinkBear now extracts all the links in a line. Earlier it used to extract only the first match.
  • PyCodeStyleBear now uses user settings along with default settings. Earlier it used to ignore default settings if user changed one of them.
  • PyImportSortBear now correctly supports option known_third_party_imports. Issue 1510
  • KeywordBear doesn't report false results when unsetting it. Previously, it used to match any text instead of matching nothing. Issue 1689

coala-bears 0.10.1


  • Remark dependency has been pinned back to ~5.4 because version 6 changes current behavior and breaks tests. This is a hotfix which will be rolled back when the upstream addresses this.

coala-bears 0.10.0

This release, we had 97 commits contributed by 42 contributors.

The coala website has been updated to a new, more modern design. You can now find a quick overview of bears and their settings at!/languages. We also have sample a bear output on the front page for some common languages.

Separation of bear dependencies from the coala_bears package is planned. This release will keep the same behavior as previous releases. However to keep current installation behavior in the future, please use the pip package index option [alldeps] as in pip3 install coala_bears[alldeps].

Here are the important changes and additions. This release tracks coala 0.10. please see the coala release notes for the improvements in this version.

New Bears


  • GhcModBear - Checks your Haskell code for syntax errors.


  • PyFlakesBear - Checks for errors by parsing, making it safe for modules with side effects.
  • PyromaBear - Checks how well your code conforms to the python packaging system (pip, distribute, etc).
  • PythonPackageInitBear - Checks that modules have an in their directories.


  • DennisBear - Checks PO and POT files for problems.

Bears With New Settings

You can look up the new settings at!/languages.

  • GitCommitBear
  • InvalidLinkBear
  • MarkdownBear

Deprecated Settings

  • InvalidLinkBear - timeout setting has been deprecated. Use network_timeout instead.


  • InvalidLinkBear allows per website timeouts. To use, set network_timeout to a dictionary with website URL and timeout.
  • InvalidLinkBear allow multiple URL ignores in links_to_ignore setting by setting it to a string of comma delimited URLs.
  • InvalidLinkBear now parses version control system URLs.
  • CSVLintBear now outputs the affected line.
  • XMLBear now uses severity that matches the underlying linter.


  • coala_bears package will refuse to install on unsupported python versions. Issue 3310
  • InvalidLinkBear now analyses all links in a file. Previously, it would
    only check the first one. Issue 1296
  • InvalidLinkBear now parses markdown links properly. Issue 1338
  • KeywordBear proposes keyword removal patches for all keywords now. Previously, it would only generate a patch for the first keyword. Issue 1274
  • KeywordBear now outputs the appropriate message if it is run on an unsupported language. Previously, it would throw an unhandled exception. Issue 1256
  • YAPFBear Default settings now match upstream defaults properly. Issue 3241
  • The dependencies of the following bears were bumped due to upstream bugfixes:
    • PycodestyleBear

coala-bears 0.9.2

  • A dependency problem in RadonBear causing install failure has been fixed Issue #1228
  • coala dependency has been fixed to only allow coala versions 0.9.x with 0.9 series bears Pull #1243
  • InvalidLinkBear default timeout has been increased to 15 seconds from 2 because it was creating false positives Issue #1219

coala-bears 0.9.1

This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

coala-bears 0.9.0

This release, we had 40 different contributors, pushing almost 200 commits.

To get a quick overview over the current state of all bears, check out We added a number of asciinemas so you can see them in action right away.

Here are the important changes and additions, of course coala was upgraded to 0.9 so you can enjoy all it's new features and bugfixes:

New Bears:

Language Independent:

  • QuotesBear - Checks and corrects your quoting style for any language!
  • SpellCheckBear - Checks for english spelling mistakes in any source code.


  • MypyBear - Checks Python code for typing using Mypy!
  • BanditBear - Checks Python code for security issues.
  • PEP8NotebookBear - Autocorrects formatting for Python code in Jupyter Notebooks.
  • PySafetyBear - Checks for known security vulnerabilities of your Python requirements.
  • PinRequirementsBear - Checks if Python requirements are pinned precisely.
  • PycodestyleBear - Checks Python coding style with better error messages and reliability than PEP8Bear, however without automatic correction.


  • PHPCodeSnifferBear - Ensures that your PHP, JavaScript or CSS code remains clean and consistent.
  • Jinja2Bear - Detects and fixes formatting issues in Jinja2 templates.
  • RSTcheckBear - Checks reStructuredText for formatting and syntax.
  • PuppetLintBear - Checks and autocorrects puppet configuration files.
  • CSVLintBear - Checks syntax of CSV files.

Bears with New Settings:

You can look up the new settings at

  • InvalidLinkBear
  • GitCommitBear
  • YapfBear
  • SCSSLintBear

Deleted Settings:

  • CSecurityBear does not accept a neverignore setting anymore. Those kinds of issues are and should be consistently handled by coala.

Deprecated Settings:

  • The ignore_regex setting from InvalidLinkBear was deprecated in favour of link_ignore_regex for more clarity in coafiles.
  • KeywordBear accepts only one keywords argument. The ci_keywords and cs_keywords arguments have been deprecated.
  • JSHintBear provides an es_version argument that implies the use_es6_syntax argument. The latter has been deprecated in favour of the former.
  • JSHintBear provides a more flexible javascript_strictness argument instead of the allow_global_strict which has been deprecated.
  • RuboCopBear uses naming_convention instead of name_case now.

Other Bear Enhancements:

  • The coala-bears package does no longer require Java upon installation.
  • VultureBear picks up global dependencies.
  • ESLintBear shows errors as WARNING in coala. This simplifies debugging bad ESLint configurations.
  • KeywordBear can now automatically remove TODO comments for any language coala has Language definitions for.
  • FilenameBear supports the spacecase convention.
  • KeywordBear checks for todo and fixme by default.
  • GitCommitBear has improved result messages.
  • YAMLLintBear does not check for document-start by default. This was not a commonly chosen setting.
  • YapfBear will pass files in-memory to save precious IO time.

Major API Changes:

  • The bears testing modules were moved to the coalib and are deprecated.

Bug Fixes:

Internal Changes:

  • All bears use the new linter API now.

coala-bears 0.8.4

This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

coala-bears 0.8.3

This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

coala-bears 0.8.2

This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

coala-bears 0.8.1

This bugfix release fixes two issues:

coala-bears 0.8.0

For this release, we have had 19 contributors from around the world contributing 176 commits to just coala-bears in the past 9 weeks.

Here are the important changes and additions:

New Bears

Major API Changes

  • Settings unification - most bears have seen API changes. Settings' names are now consistent across bears. This supports backwards compatibility, however (but with a deprecation notice). You can find the whole list here.

New Features

  • Bear upload tool - this is a part of the complete decentralization of bears. With this tool, bears are uploaded as individual packages to PyPI and just the necessary bears (and their dependencies) can be installed.
  • Also as a part of the decentralization process, several bears now have the REQUIREMENTS attribute. This is one of the requirement objects supporting various package managers such as apt-get, dnf, yum, pip, npm, gem, and so on. To learn more, please see the coala 0.8.0 release changelog.
  • Several bears now support the ASCIINEMA_URL attribute. This contains an URL to an asciinema video displaying the bear's working.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue in FilenameBear involving files with fully capitalized names has been resolved. Pull #687
  • Various corner cases with InvalidLinkBear involving some false positives and false negatives have been fixed. Issue #691


  • A complete overhaul of the README page with a special emphasis on design and user-friendliness.


  • Python 3.3 support was dropped.

coala-bears 0.7.0

For this release, 17 contributors have contributed about 200 commits to coala-bears only.

We are bumping the version number to 0.7.0 to keep it in sync with the coala releases.

New bears:

  • VerilogLintBear (Lints verilog code)
  • AnnotationBear (Annotates source code language independent for further processing)
  • TailorBear (Checks Swift code for style compliance)
  • CPPCheckBear (Checks C/C++ code for security issues)
  • RAMLLintBear (Checks style of RAML documents)
  • GoErrCheckBear (Finds unchecked Go function calls)
  • RubySmellBear (Finds code smells in Ruby)
  • FilenameBear (Checks and corrects file naming conventions)
  • IndentationBear (An experimental indentation checker and fixer with a language independent algorithm.)

New features:

  • Numerous documentation improvements.
  • GitCommitBear:
    • The WIP check yields a Normal Result now.
  • InvalidLinkBear:
    • Numerous false positive fixes.
    • An ignore regex can now be passed.
  • RuboCopBear:
    • About 30 new configuration options were added.
  • GNUIndentBear:
    • 15 new configuration options were added.
  • FormatRBear:
    • 6 new configuration options were added.


  • CPDBear:
    • A case where results with an invalid line reference were yielded was fixed.
  • CheckstyleBear:
    • In some cases results were not correctly parsed. This was fixed.

Internal changes:

  • Almost all bears use the new linter now instead of Lint.

coala-bears 0.2.0

In this release, coala-bears has been revamped with new bears and more configs are added for existing bears.

New bears:

  • AutoPrefixBear (Add vendor prefixes automatically in CSS)
  • ClangComplexityBear (Calculates cyclomatic complexity of each function for C, C++ and other Clang supported languages.)
  • GoTypeBear (Static analysis for Go code)
  • PMDBear (Static analysis for Java code)
  • CPDBear (Checks for code duplication in a file/multiple files)
  • VHDLLintBear (Lints for VHDL code)

New features:

For developers:

  • All existing bears have been updated to use the new linter decorator.
  • The LANGUAGES attribute is now set for each bear listing the languages it can support.


coala-bears 0.1.0 beta

coala-bears is a Python package containing all the bears that are used by coala. It has been split from coala. With the initial release, it features 56 bears covering 32 languages. You can see all of them here with a brief description each.

coala-bears has bears for famous languages, such as:

  • C++
  • C#
  • CMake
  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS
  • Dart
  • Go
  • Haskell
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Julia
  • Latex
  • Lua
  • Markdown
  • Matlab/Octave
  • Natural Language (English)
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python 2
  • Python 3
  • R
  • RST
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • SCSS
  • sh & bash scripts
  • SQL
  • TypeScript
  • Vimscript
  • XML
  • YAML