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StylintBear: Implement settings
Use the implemented settings to generate a `config_file` and use
that file if the user does not explicitly mention `stylint_config`.

Closes #1795
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yash-nisar committed Jun 13, 2017
1 parent 9e43c80 commit e4a9d34dadd344244ef8aafd44172c02e72d010c
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@@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
import json

from coalib.bearlib.abstractions.Linter import linter
from dependency_management.requirements.NpmRequirement import NpmRequirement

_setting_map = {True: 'always',
False: 'never',
None: 'false'}

@@ -35,13 +41,251 @@ class StylintBear:
CAN_DETECT = {'Formatting', 'Syntax', 'Redundancy'}

def generate_config(filename, file,
block_keyword: bool=None,
brackets: bool=False,
colons_for_property_declaration: bool=True,
color_variables_for_hex_values: bool=True,
spaces_after_commas: bool=True,
spaces_after_comments: bool=True,
allow_trailing_whitespace: bool=False,
no_css_literals: bool=False,
max_selector_depth: bool=False,
check_duplicates: bool=True,
efficient_properties: bool=True,
extend_preference: str=None,
indent_size: int=0,
leading_zero: bool=None,
max_errors: int=0,
max_warnings: int=0,
mixed_spaces_and_tabs: bool=False,
variable_naming_convention: str=None,
strict_naming_convention: bool=False,
none_keyword: bool=False,
check_no_important_keyword: bool=True,
spaces_inside_parentheses: bool=None,
placeholder: bool=True,
prefix_vars_with_dollar: bool=True,
semicolons: bool=False,
sort_order: str='alphabetical',
stacked_properties: bool=False,
check_property_validity: bool=True,
preferred_quotation: str=None,
zero_units: bool=False,
z_index_normalize_base: int=0,
stylint_config: str=''):
:param block_keyword:
When ``True`` expect the ``@block`` keyword when defining block
variables. When ``False``, expect no ``@block`` keyword when
defining block variables.
:param brackets:
When ``True``, expect ``{}`` when declaring a selector. When
``False``, expect no brackets when declaring a selector.
:param colons_for_property_declaration:
When ``True``, expect ``:`` when declaring a property. When
``False``, expect no ``:`` when declaring a property.
:param color_variables_for_hex_values:
When ``True``, enforce variables when defining hex values.
:param spaces_after_commas:
Enforce or disallow spaces after commas.
:param spaces_after_comments:
Enforce or disallow spaces after line comments.
For example: If set to ``True``, prefer
``// comment`` over ``//comment``.
:param allow_trailing_whitespace:
If ``True``, ignores trailing whitespace. If ``False``, trailing
whitespace will throw a warning.
:param no_css_literals:
By default Stylint ignores ``@css`` blocks. If set to ``True``
however, warnings are thrown if ``@css`` is used.
:param max_selector_depth:
Set the max selector depth. If set to 4, max selector depth will
be 4 indents. Pseudo selectors like ``&:first-child`` or
``&:hover`` won't count towards the limit.
:param check_duplicates:
Checks if selectors or properties are duplicated unnecessarily.
:param efficient_properties:
Check for places where properties can be written more efficiently.
:param extend_preference:
Pass in either ``@extend`` or ``@extends`` and then enforce that.
Both are valid in Stylus. It doesn't really matter which one
you use.
For example: If set to ``@extends``, prefer
``@extends $some-var`` instead of ``@extend $some-var``
or if set to ``@extend``, prefer
``@extend $some-var`` over ``@extends $some-var``.
:param indent_size:
This works in conjunction with ``max_selector_depth``. If you
indent with spaces this is the number of spaces you indent with.
If you use hard tabs, set this value to ``0``.
For example: If set to ``2``, prefer
``/s/smargin: 0`` over ``/s/s/smargin: 0``.
:param leading_zero:
When ``True``, prefer leading zeroes on decimal points. When
``False``, disallow leading zeroes on decimal points.
:param max_errors:
Set maximum number of errors. If ``0``, all errors will
be shown without a limit.
:param max_warnings:
Set maximum number of warnings. If ``0``, all errors will
be shown without a limit.
:param mixed_spaces_and_tabs:
If a non-negative number is passed to ``indent_size``,
soft tabs (i.e. spaces) are assumed, and if
``0`` is passed to ``indent_size``, hard tabs are assumed.
For example: If ``indent_size = 4`` and
``mixed_spaces_and_tabs = True``, prefer
``/s/s/s/smargin 0`` over ``/tmargin 0``
or if ``indent_size = 0`` and
``mixed_spaces_and_tabs = True``, prefer
``/tmargin 0`` over ``/s/s/s/smargin 0``.
:param variable_naming_convention:
Enforce a particular naming convention when declaring variables.
Throws a warning if you don't follow the convention.
Supported values are ``lowercase-dash``, ``lowercase_underscore``,
``camelCase`` and ``BEM``.
:param strict_naming_convention:
By default, ``variable_naming_convention`` only looks at variable
names. If ``strict_naming_convention`` is set to ``True``,
``variable_naming_convention`` will also look at class and
ID names.
:param none_keyword:
If ``True`` check for places where ``none`` used instead of ``0``.
If ``False`` check for places where ``0`` could be used
instead of ``none``.
:param check_no_important_keyword:
If ``True``, show warning when ``!important`` is found.
For example: If set to ``True``, this will throw a warning::
color red !important
:param spaces_inside_parentheses:
Enforce or disallow use of extra spaces inside parentheses.
For example: If set to ``True``, prefer
``my-mixin( $myParam )`` over ``my-mixin($myParam)``
or if set to ``False``, prefer
``my-mixin($myParam)`` over ``my-mixin( $myParam )``.
:param placeholder:
Enforce extending placeholder vars when using ``@extend(s)``.
:param prefix_vars_with_dollar:
Enforce use of ``$`` when defining a variable. In Stylus, using a
``$`` when defining a variable is optional, but is a good idea
if you want to prevent ambiguity. Not including the ``$`` sets up
situations where you wonder: "Is this a variable or a value?"
For instance: ``padding $default`` is easier to understand than
``padding default``.
For example: If set to ``True``, prefer
``$my-var = 0`` over ``my-var = 0``
or if set to ``False``, prefer
``my-var = 0`` over ``$my-var = 0``.
:param semicolons:
When ``True``, enforce semicolons. When ``False``, disallow
:param sort_order:
Enforce a particular sort order when declaring properties. Throws
a warning if you don't follow the order.
For example: If set to ``alphabetical``, prefer this::
display block
float left
position absolute
right 10px
top 0
over this::
position absolute
top 0
right 10px
display block
float left
Supported values are ``alphabetical`` and ``grouped``.
:param stacked_properties:
No one-liners. Enforce putting properties on new lines.
For example: If set to ``False``, prefer::
padding 0
``.className { padding 0 }``
:param check_property_validity:
Check that a property is valid CSS or HTML.
:param preferred_quotation:
Your preferred quotation character, e.g. ``double`` or ``single``.
:param zero_units:
Looks for instances of ``0px``. You don't need the ``px``.
Checks all units, not just ``px``.
:param z_index_normalize_base:
Enforce some basic z-index sanity. Any number passed in
will be used as the base for your z-index values.
Use ``0`` to disable this feature.
For example: If set to ``5``, prefer
``z-index 10`` over ``z-index 9``
or if set to ``10``, prefer
``z-index 20`` over ``z-index 15``.
if stylint_config:
return None
options = {
'blocks': _setting_map[block_keyword],
'brackets': _setting_map[brackets],
'colons': _setting_map[colons_for_property_declaration],
'colors': _setting_map[color_variables_for_hex_values],
'commaSpace': _setting_map[spaces_after_commas],
'commentSpace': _setting_map[spaces_after_comments],
'cssLiteral': _setting_map[no_css_literals],
'depthLimit': max_selector_depth,
'duplicates': check_duplicates,
'efficient': _setting_map[efficient_properties],
'extendPref': extend_preference,
'indentPref': indent_size,
'leadingZero': _setting_map[leading_zero],
'maxErrors': max_errors,
'maxWarnings': max_warnings,
'mixed': mixed_spaces_and_tabs,
'namingConvention': variable_naming_convention,
'namingConventionStrict': strict_naming_convention,
'none': _setting_map[none_keyword],
'noImportant': check_no_important_keyword,
'parenSpace': _setting_map[spaces_inside_parentheses],
'placeholders': _setting_map[placeholder],
'prefixVarsWithDollar': _setting_map[prefix_vars_with_dollar],
'quotePref': preferred_quotation,
'semicolons': _setting_map[semicolons],
'sortOrder': sort_order,
'stackedProperties': _setting_map[stacked_properties],
False if allow_trailing_whitespace is True else 'never',
'valid': check_property_validity,
'zeroUnits': _setting_map[zero_units],
False if z_index_normalize_base == 0
else z_index_normalize_base,
'groupOutputByFile': True,
'reporterOptions': {
'columns': ['lineData', 'severity', 'description', 'rule'],
'columnSplitter': ' ',
'showHeaders': False,
'truncate': True

return json.dumps(options)

def create_arguments(filename, file, config_file, stylint_config: str=''):
:param stylint_config:
The location of the ``.stylintrc`` config file.
if stylint_config:
return '--config', stylint_config, filename
return filename,
return ('--config',
stylint_config if stylint_config else config_file,
@@ -145,6 +145,42 @@ def test_bad_mixed_spaces_tabs(self):
settings={'stylint_config': get_testfile_path('.stylintrc')})

def test_bad_placeholder_space_color(self):
filename = 'test_bad_placeholder_space_color.styl'
file_contents = load_testfile(filename)
message='always use a placeholder variable '
'when extending',
message='hexidecimal color should '
'be a variable',
message='line comments require a space '
'after //',
message='commas must be followed '
'by a space for readability',

def test_valid_file(self):
filename = 'test_valid_file.styl'
file_contents = load_testfile(filename)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
padding: 10px
@extend .message
color: $var_name
color #f00
font: 12px Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

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