@Mixih Mixih released this May 22, 2017 · 2 commits to release/0.11 since this release

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           +mMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMy         /dMMMMMMMMMd:  ./+/-  :dMMMMMMMd
        -mMMMMMMdhdMMMMMMMMMMM/`       `dMMMMMMMMM+   :oso/`  oMMMMMMMM:
         :NMMMN.   :dMMMMMMMMM+         :MMMMMMMMMMmo:`   .:smMMMMMMMNo
             ``       .:////++:           oNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd+`

This release was brought to you by 65 contributors contributing 141

The name of this release is BrewBear to highlight the improvements made
to our dependency management system, including the addition of brew
support for mac users. Mac has been an officially supported platform for
a long time and we would like to draw attention to this often overlooked
fact. Support has also been added for conda and cargo allowing bears
which use linters available from those package managers to manage their

Initial next generation core code has been merged and will be integrated
over the coming releases. Until then, please use the current API.

We have added a release candidate system to our release process to allow
users to easily test changes in the latest pre-release version of coala.
Instructions for obtaining the rc package will be posted for each
minor/major release to the coala gitter channel, blog, and twitter. We
encourage all users interested in checking out new features or helping
to test these pre-releases on their projects. If you do find a
regression in a release candidate, please report it to the issue tracker
with the word Regression somewhere in the title.

Breaking Changes

  • coala now exits with a non zero exit code when error level results
    are logged. If you relied on coala logging in scripts or other
    automated systems please modify them to work with the new behavior.
    You can find all exit codes here.
    PR #3905


  • Section Inheritance had been added to the coafile parsing. With this
    change we are deprecating implicit default section inheritance.
    Instead, you can now have definite section inheritance by using the
    . in the section title. Append operators are now supported
    allowing addition of values to inherited section. See the
    Explicit Setting Inheritance section of the
    for a syntax example and detailed instructions
  • The section name cli is reserved for cli arguments and should not
    be used in the coala configuration file (coafile). If you are
    currently using it in a configuration file, coala will warn you.
  • coala now outputs absolute file paths when a bear fails. This should
    make debugging bear failures easier when using custom bears.


  • A new placeholder, source_lines, has been added to the coala
    --format option. Use it to output the affected lines in the source
    file when a result occurs.
  • Bears are displayed alphabetically when listed using --show-bears.
  • coala outputs a warning if a setting is overridden in the same
    section since this is probably not what the user intended.
  • --format is handled correctly when --ci is specified, outputting
    formatted output without asking questions. Issue#3999
  • coala will report the version of the dependency required when the
    version check fails. Issue#3982

Bear Developers

  • @linter decorator works with global bears. See our bear writing
    for more information on how to write a global bear with the
    @linter decorator.
  • Bear.DownloadCachedFile raises exceptions when the download fails.
    Please see the requests library
    for a complete list of possible exceptions that will need to be
  • The deprecate_settings decorator now supports multiple
    deprecations of the same setting. Issue #3537
  • A new SEE_MORE attribute has been added to the Bear class. Use
    it to attribute (usually by linking the main page) the original tool
    in linter bears.
  • Unified Diff support has been added to the Diff result, linter and
    display mechanisms.


  • Caching has been fixed to work correctly. Results are only cached
    when a bear successfully runs. A bear which fails in the middle of a
    run will not have a result cached anymore. This should make flushing
    the cache manually mostly unnecessary for end users. PR#3722
  • Non-optional settings check settings from dependent bears now.
    Previously, it would error because the dependency would not have its
    settings satisfied. Issue#3149
  • The Result object now handles None values of TextPosition
    properly. Previously, it would return arbitrary results which would
    impact bear authors. Issue#3094
  • A few problems when using coala in systems with incomplete locales
    data have been fixed. This was common in Docker containers. Issue#3906

@Mixih Mixih released this May 12, 2017 · 5 commits to release/0.11 since this release

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  • Fixed critical section inheritance bug where sections with different capitalization would not inherit. Issue #4182

@Mixih Mixih released this Apr 27, 2017 · 7 commits to release/0.11 since this release

Assets 2


  • Major changes to exitcode behavior(see docs)
  • default .coafile section will be deprecated soon. Please stop using it now!
  • Initial next gen core code has been commited, however it has not been activated
  • New logging handlers
  • Better aspects support has been added, still not ready for general usage
  • Empty results are not cached. End users shouldn't have to run with --flush-cache anymore
  • coala should now be able to output in unified-diff format
  • golang now has coalang doc bindings (?)
  • coafiles can now use the append (+=) operator to inherit from other sections
  • ...and much more
Assets 2
                   `++-    -o+`                   
            -oo:  :yhho    ohhy:  :oo.            
            :hhhoohhh+      +hhhoohhy:            
        ``.--shhhhhy:        /yhhhhho--..`        
       +hhhhhhhhhhh+          ohhhhhhhhhhh/       
       `/+/////+hhhh/        +hhhy+///////`       
                -yhhhs     hshhhy-                
   .os/           hhhhy-  -yhhhh           +ss.   
   .yhho           shhho``ohhhs          `ohhy`   
    -yhhs`          +hhhsshhh+          `shhy-    
  -::shhhs++++yhy////shhhhhhs          +shhhs::.  
    -yhhs`          +hhhsshhh+          `shhy-    
   .yhho`          shhho``ohhhs           ohhy.   
   .ss+           hhhhy   -yhhhh           /so.   
                -yhhhs      shhhy-                
       `///////+yhhh+        /hhhh+/////+/`       
       /hhhhhhhhhhho          +hhhhhhhhhhh+       
        `..--ohhhhhy/        :yhhhhhs--.``        
            :hhhoohhh+      +hhhoohhh:            
            -oo:  :yhho    ohhy:  :oo-            
                   `+o-    -++`

For this release we had 168 commits contributed by 66 unique contributors
over 2.5 months.

The name of this release is PolarBear to reflect changes we have made to our
release process. We have implemented a release freeze before all releases
to serve as a testing period for all staged changes. This should also help
us keep releases on schedule.

This release is an enhancement release which brings the usual slew of
improvements to documentation and API. We have started preparing the codebase
for the big changes that are outlined in the cEPs like section inheritance
and the next generation core.

Known Bugs

  • Results are cached even if a bear does not run. This can lead to empty
    results where there should be errors. To temporarily deal with this
    run coala with the --flush-cache option


  • Test cases have been improved across the board so they catch more errors
    before production.
  • Log output via json has been added which is accessible by using the
    --log-json option.
  • coala domain has been changed from coala-analyzer.org to coala.io.
    Please file a bug if you find any broken links or instances of the old url.


  • emacs has been added to list of editors that coala supports.
  • coala will now output a warning if you specify an editor that is not known.
  • The noqa keyword used by other linters as an ignore keyword is now
    supported as a coala ignore keyword.
  • libclang-py3 update to 3.4 is known to cause problems for some users. Please
    uninstall and reinstall it if coala tells you there is a version mismatch
    in libclang-py3.
  • C# now has proper language support and should work with AnnotationBear
    and all other bears which require language configuration.


  • change_line method in Diff.py has been deprecated and has been
    scheduled for removal.
  • format_str setting has been completely removed after being deprecated
    last release. Use format instead to specify a formatting string.


  • Travis has been enabled for developers to test their changes on their own CI.
  • Bears will now check for prerequisites using specified requirements
    before running. Either override check_prequisites in the bear or write
    a new requirement class if you wish to have a custom check.
  • When a language is not known by coala, an Unknown language will be
  • @linter decorator now warns when using unsupported or anonymous capture
  • New dependency_management package has been created to contain package
    manager and dependency classes used by coala. All of the old *Requirement
    classes have been moved here. Some new dependencies classes are
    CabalRequirement and MavenRequirement. Developers should add
    requirement classes there now for the requirement types they wish to support.
  • DistributionRequirement can now check if a package is installed in many
    popular linux distros.
  • Diffs are able to add a single line using the add_line method now.
  • Language class ignores leading and trailing spaces in language lookups.
  • Language class should auto-complete when using languages that have
    been defined.


  • A Code of Conduct has been added. This will guide conflict resolution if the
    need ever arises.
  • API docs are now part of the coala repository.
  • Developer contribution documentation has received a major update


  • Fixed an issue where using linter bears on windows had thrown an exception.
    Issue 3323
  • coala -c (config file) option properly supports specifying directories.
    Previously it has thrown an exception.
    Issue 3221
  • Documentation status github badge has been fixed.
  • Console interaction uses a unicode dot to represent spaces instead of the
    bullet for better cross platform rendering.
    Issue 2751
  • Language class raises proper exception to fix hasattr behavior.
    Issue 3160
  • Ignore statements in multi-line comments should be supported properly now.
    Issue 3441

@Mixih Mixih released this Dec 28, 2016

Assets 2

This bugfix release addressed the following issues:

  • The installer has been fixed to only install on supported python versions.
    Issue #3310
    Issue #3383
  • The format_str option to specify a format string has ben restored to
    coala run in format mode. This is deprecated and was only restored to
    provide plug-in developers a grace period to switch to the replacement
    setting format.
    Issue #3303
  • Setuptools was removed from our requirements list because having it only
    only caused dependency problems for other packages installed on the system
    coala Bears Issue #751
  • PyPrint dependency was updated to a version which does not pull in
    setuptools anymore.
  • API change: An auto-apply disable option was added to run_coala to fix
    issue detection by unattended services that use coala when the coafile
    contains a default_action
    Issue #3212
  • A few specific language class behaviors were changed. This should only
    affect developers
    Pull #3175
    Pull #3167

@sils sils released this Nov 22, 2016 · 17 commits to release/0.9 since this release

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          .oH":HH$' "' ' -*R&o,
         dMMM*""'`'      .oM"HM?.
       ,MMM'          "HLbd< ?&H\
      .:MH ."\          ` MM  MM&b
     . "*H    -        &MMMMMMMMMH:
     .    dboo        MMMMMMMMMMMM.
     .   dMMMMMMb      *MMMMMMMMMP.
     .    MMMMMMMP        *MMMMMP .
          `#MMMMM           MM6P ,
      '    `MMMP"           HM*`,
       '    :MM             .- ,
        '.   `#?..  .       ..'
           -.   .         .-

For this release only we had 58 different contributors from all around the globe contributing way
over 200 commits over 2.5 months to coala.

The name of this release is GlobalBear to honour our GlobalBear class and
leave a statement on how global the community grows: gone are the days when we
visit conferences and we have to explain the project to all the people. More
and more people know the project before we meet them and this is great! This is
a huge step in our conquest to take over the world!

The GlobalBear class serves our users by providing project wide "global"
analysis. This release it will probably make its last appearance because it
will be deprecated in favour of a more sophisticated concept in the near future.

We have also worked a lot towards building our dream of letting users declare
code analysis configuration completely language independently
: to take a
sneak peek at what we want to do, check this out. You will see that
the first aspects are already in our source code and that bears can already
associate results with them so future versions of coala will be able to tell
the user a plethora of facts around the type of issue pointed out.

For users, we have added a lot of usability improvements as well as for example
the ability to merge patches within one line: if you previously had to run
coala multiple times because of patch conflicts, this is likely not the case

As a Bear writer you now have access to our Language facilities: they
will give you facts about programming languages that you analyse so you can
build truly language independent bears. Also, you now can use
http://api.coala.io/ to get more information about our classes and functions
you work with.

Command Line Interface Changes:

  • coala-ci and coala-json have been deprecated. You can now use
    coala --non-interactive and coala --json respectively.
  • Multiple patches within one line, even from different bears, can be
    automatically merged by coala.
  • coala returns the exitcode 2 when not passing any --bears or
    --files as well as when no section is enabled and nothing was done.
  • coala can now automatically add Ignore ...Bear comments to your source
    code. Simply use the Add ignore comment action when offered.
  • Users can press enter to dismiss a result by default.
  • Result action descriptions have been compressed to make them easier readable.
  • The section name is now displayed when asking the user for missing settings.
  • coala --non-interactive shows results and patches by default now.
  • coala-dbus has been removed as it wasn't used by anyone.
  • A --no-color argument allows to run coala with uncoloured results.
  • Log messages are printed on stderr now.
  • coala --json doesn't output log messages in JSON anymore. This is a
    technical issue. Log messages can easily be fetched from the stderr stream.
  • Some performance improvements could be achieved.
  • A lot more strings, like roger or no way are allowed for boolean
    values. (728b7b0)

Bear API Changes:

  • LanguageDefinition has been deprecated. Use
    coalib.bearlib.languages.Language instead. Consult
    for usage hints.
  • The deprecated Lint class has now been removed.
  • The CondaRequirement has been removed.
  • The multiple constructor for PackageRequirement classes has been
  • A deprecate_bear decorator is now available so bears can be renamed
  • The Diff object has now dedicated functions to replace, insert
    and remove SourceRange objects.

Bug Fixes:

  • A glob cornercase has been fixed.
  • An issue where empty patches have been shown to the user has been fixed.
  • Wrong handling of periods when changing casing has been fixed.
  • A caching bug where results have not been shown to the user has been fixed.


Internal Changes:

  • Deprecated parameters are stored in the function metadata.
  • Python builtin logging is now used.
  • Numerous changes to get started on https://coala.io/cep5 have been
    implemented. The first aspects are already defined in
    coalib.bearlib.aspects and bears can already append aspects to results.
  • coalang files now have an alias dictionary.

@sils sils released this Sep 4, 2016 · 2 commits to release/0.8 since this release

Assets 2

coala 0.8.1

This bugfix release addressed the following issues:

  • The cache will be correctly invalidated when changing section targets now.
  • Dependencies are resolved before asking the user for needed values. This will
    only affect custom bears that have dependencies that require settings.
  • PyPrint was updated from 0.2.4 to 0.2.5.
  • PipRequirement uses sys.executable instead of hardcoded python. This will
    only affect coala or bear developers.

@adtac adtac released this Aug 22, 2016 · 1195 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

coala 0.8.0 - grizzly

             `Ns      :s-               
        .     mMd`     :Nd.             
       :h     /ss/`     +md.            
       dN`    :NMMMy`  .ymmy. -+`       
       dM+    dMMMMMm`.NMMMMN. +Mo      
    `  -sddy: yMMMMMM/+MMMMMMo  dMo     
   s/  +MMMMMy.dMMMMM-:MMMMMM+ -yhs`    
  .Ms  /MMMMMMo /hdh:  oMMMMh`+MMMMm.   
  -MN.  hMMMMMh  `/osssoos+-  dMMMMMs   
   oyhho.+mMMm:+dMMMMMMMMMm+  sMMMMMs   

For this release, we have had 46 developers from around the world contributing
over 150 commits in the last 9 weeks.

Improving the API available for bear writers is one of the areas we've focused
on for this release, with several new and exciting features. General performance
has also been improved heavily with some major changes under the hood. The
documentation has also been worked on, with an emphasis on user-friendliness
and design.

There have also been major internal changes in preparation for the complete
decentralization of bears, which would allow the installation of individual

Below are some of the important changes introduced for this release:

New Features

  • coala now supports syntax highlighting in results!
  • Questions are now printed in color; this will improve visibility when a lot
    of text is written to the screen.
  • coala-json now supports --show-bears and --filter-by-language
  • Added a --show-capabilities flag that displays the types of issues coala
    can detect and fix for a particular language.
  • Display the line number when a line is missing; this could happen if a bear
    that had run previously overwrites it.

For Bear Writers

  • Bears now have a new REQUIREMENTS attribute which will be used to
    automatically resolve bear dependencies. This includes:
    • Native requirements (from package managers such as apt-get, dnf, pacman, ...)
    • Conda requirements
    • Python requirements through pip
    • go requirements
    • Ruby requirements through gem
    • NodeJS requirements through npm
    • RScript requirements
    • Julia requirements
  • Language independent documentation parsing routines: these can be used to
    make bears for linting documentation without having to worry about the
  • coalang now supports C, C++, CSS, Java, Python3 and Vala.
  • A new bear creation tool has been released: with this tool, it's easier than
    ever before to create external linter based bears for coala!
  • A new ASCIINEMA_URL attribute has been added to bears. This should
    contain an URL to an asciinema video displaying the bear's capabilities in action.
  • Bear results may now have a confidence parameter: this is supposed to
    quantify the confidence, on a scale of 1 to 100, the bear has when flagging results.
  • A deprecate_settings decorator has been created to deprecate old,
    unsupported bear parameters. Please see
    for an example usage.
  • Code Simplification has been added to the set of possible fixes that
    bears can offer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where errors were generated for lines containing only a
    single tab character. Issue #2180
  • Fixed an issue with question where stray escape characters may be present.
    Issue #2546
  • Group questions about missing values in a coafile by bears.
    Issue #2530
  • An issue where an exception was raised wrongly when the same diff was
    generated multiple times has been fixed.
    PR #2465


  • Caching is now enabled by default. This is a huge performance improvement
    for HDD users - we've seen a 2x improvement when coala is run on coala.
    To disable caching run coala with the --disable-caching flag.
  • An issue where coala takes over 2 seconds to print the help manual through
    --help has been fixed.
    Issue #2344
  • A small performance improvement from reusing already loaded file contents.


  • A complete overhaul to the README page with a focus on design and
  • A new FAQ page has
    been created.
  • Various other documentation pages have been improved with new resources,
    better explanations, and some corrections.
  • The whole documentation has been moved to a
    separate repository.
    Please file any documentation related issues over there.


  • Dropped Python 3.3 support

Internal Changes

  • There has been a shift of several modules from coala to
    coala-utils. This includes the whole
    StringProcessing library, ContextManagers, and some decorators.

@sils sils released this Jun 22, 2016 · 1350 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
          ,o8b,         .o88Oo._
         P    d        d8P         .ooOO8bo._
        d'    p        88                  '*Y8bo.
       .Y    ."         YA                      '*Y8b   __
   db, d" _ooQ.dPQ,     YA                        68o68**8Oo.
 .8'  YI.Y"   b   B      "8D                       *"'    "Y8o
.Y    ;L 8,    Yq.8       Y8     'YB                       .8D
B .db_.L  q,   q "q       '8               d8'             8D
8"    qp   8,  8           8       d8888b          d      AY
       8    ",dP           Y,     d888888         d'  _.oP"
       "q    8;             q.    Y8888P'        d8
        '8    b              "q.  `Y88P'       d8"
         'D,  ,8                Y           ,o8P
           'odY'                     oooo888P"

(Release logo by Fabian Neuschmidt)

For this release, 32 people from all over the world have contributed
about 200 commits over almost two months.

The focus of this release is certainly on the usability of coala.
Usability testing has made us aware of some important difficulties,
users have to face when trying out coala. We have implemented a lot of
countermeasures to lower this barrier.

The changelog below summarizes the most important user facing changes.
Not listed are especially lots of internal improvements and
documentation fixes.

New Features:

  • Shell
  • Patches are shown without prompting the user if small enough,
    otherwise diffstats.
  • Bears have metadata and can be browsed. Browse the bear

    repository for more information on all the bears.
  • Lots of usability improvements! coala will suggest using certain
    options if no meaningful configuration was supplied.
  • The help was revamped completely and is way easier to read.
  • A --verbose alias is available for -L DEBUG.
  • The default_actions setting accepts globs for bears now.
  • The --apply-patches argument was added to automatically apply
    all patches.
  • coala supports experimental caching. This can lower the run time to
    a fraction of the time needed to perform the full analysis. It will
    be enabled by default in the next release. To use it, invoke coala
    with --changed-files.
  • Bear showing is divided into a new set of settings: --show-bears
    shows all bears, --filter-by-language allows to filter them,
    --show-details and --show-description allow changing verbosity
    of the output.

Feature Removals:

  • Tagging was removed.
  • linter does no longer show the executable of the bear by default.

Performance Improvements:

  • Globs will be internally cached now so they don't need to be
    retranslated every time. This may show improvements of several
    seconds when working with a large set of files.
  • coala supports experimental caching. See New Features for
    more information.
  • coala does not delete *.orig files on startup anymore. This was a
    huge performance hit especially on HDDs or big file trees. The
    cleanup can be performed manually by running coala-delete-orig.
    Instead coala will keep track of *.orig files more smartly.


  • **.py can again be used instead **/*.py.
  • If errors happen before the initialization of logging, tracebacks
    will be shown.

For bear writers:

  • Bears can have a number of attributes now, including author
    information, supported languages or categories. A requirements
    attribute will help generating requirements definition files more
    easily in the future.
  • The linter wrapper provides a result_severity and a
    result_message parameter now.
  • Bears can now delete and rename files.
  • The LanguageDefinition doesn't need a language_family anymore to
    load language definitions.
  • Results can be created directly from the Bear class more
    conveniently with self.new_result(...).
Assets 2
 .o88Oo._                                .".      "     .".
d8P         .ooOO8bo._                   dPo.    O#O   .oPb
88                  '*Y8bo.              88o.   .o#o.  .o88
YA                      '*Y8b   __       Y88o.   .8.  .o88Y
 YA                        68o68**8Oo.    W8888O888888888W
  "8D                       *"'    "Y8o    w8888'88'8888w
   Y8     'YB                       .8D     `o88:88:88o'
   '8               d8'             8D       .O8`88'8O.
    8       d8888b          d      AY        oO8I88I8Oo
    Y,     d888888         d'  _.oP"         oO8|88|Oo
     q.    Y8888P'        d8                 oO8.88.8Oo
      "q.  `Y88P'       d8"                  .oO.88.Oo.
        Y           ,o8P                    .oO888888Oo.
              oooo888P"                    .oO8      8Oo.
                                           +oO8+    +8Oo+
                                           'bo.      .od'

This release is shaped a lot by working on high quality bear writing tools. Our
codebase has matured further (improved tests, various internal improvements)
and key features for writing and organizing bears were introduced.

Over the last 1.5 months, 22 unique contributors have helped us at the coala
core project.

This time, the release logo is carefully hand crafted by Max Scholz!

New features:

  • Smart globbing: use backslashes without an extra escape now if they don't
    escape delimiters.
  • Results now can have additional information appended.
  • Bears expose information on which languages they support. You can query for
    bears e.g. with coala --show-language-bears C++ for C++.


  • Linters suppress the output correctly now when checking for linter
    availibility. (#1888)
  • The result filter algorithms can handle file additions and deletions now.
  • Ignore statements without a stop statement are now accepted as well

For bear writers:

  • A tutorial for managing bear dependencies is available in our documentation
  • The Result object has a field additional_info which can be used to give
    an elaborate description of the problem.
  • A typechain() function is now available for easy conditional type
    conversion. (#1859)
  • Bears have a name() shortcut now which provides the bear class name.
  • A get_config_directory() function is available that returns the root
    directory of the project guessed by coala or provided (overridden) by the
  • A new linter decorator makes it even easier to write new linter
    wrappers. (#1928)

Notable internal/API changes:

  • FunctionMetadata has a new merge function that can be used to merge
    function signatures and documentation comments.