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A website that showcases interesting projects, using Angular JS.
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A website that showcases projects! If you want to use it and it's not exactly fitting your purpose, please do make upstream changes. We expect this project to be of use to others and we're happy to make it more generic so it's easier to adapt to other organizations. This was built by coala community, to view live projects visit

(It'd be nice to have an organization YML or so e.g.)


This is designed for GSoC but can be used for other initiatives at the same time. We use it for research theses, GSoC, GCI and maybe others in the future.


  • It's way more appealing to students.
  • You can search and filter projects.
  • Project ideas as structured data are more concise and you're sure to have all points covered - at the same time we can show students an overview and showing the full information only when needed.
  • A proper review process can be used for triaging and iterating on project ideas.
  • Stop wasting time maintaining a mentors list. This can be generated from the projects.



  1. Install asdf-vm for your OS.

  2. Using asdf-vm, install ruby.

  3. Install Jekyll

     $ gem install jekyll bundler

Clone and Run

Clone coala Projects repository

$ git clone

Run coala Projects website

$ cd projects
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Then you can simply go to either of the following addresses in your browser to access the site:

If you face problems while installing Jekyll or using its gem bundler you may go through its troubleshooting docs

Defining Projects

Mentors and admins can define projects in markdown using the following structure and save it in the _projects folder with a relevant filename. A sample project definition is available here

Defining FAQs

Users can also add FAQs by simply creating a markdown file in _faq folder.

Format for faq markdown file is as follows:

Question: <Write the question here>


Multi Language Support

coala Projects supports multiple 'human languages'. To add a translation of a project in a language, the following steps can be followed:

  • Create a folder with language code in data/locale folder.
  • Create faq.json, projects.json, faq and projects folder if they do not exist already.
  • Add translated content of a project inside projects folder. The names of the file should be same.
  • Similiarly translated content of a faq goes inside data/locale/ < language-id > /faq folder.
  • For the faq.json and projects.json metadata, refer to Bahasa and Hindi Translations available in data/locale directory.
  • Lastly, in resources/js/app.js file, Add the new language json in Language service.
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