Presentation slides for a talk on setting up an Apollo GraphQL stack
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These are slides for a talk on building a full JavaScript GraphQL stack using the Apollo GraphQL tools.

You can view them online or locally.

The slides are written in GitHub Flavored Markdown (see and presented through Remark.js.


This talk provides a quick introduction to the GraphQL language itself, the pub-sub and request-response RPC architectures behind it, as well as schema exploration and visual documentation through GraphiQL.

While enumerating some use cases, the slides suggest a possible integration with existing services and showcase a set of tooling all based on JavaScript, featuring static analysis through linting, both unit and integration tests, as well as a proposal for logging and performance monitoring.

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You will need Bower, and for development with live reload, also Node.js, npm and Gulp.

Run the slides

To install runtime dependencies:

bower install

To serve from a local webserver, you need to have gulp-cli in your system. Then:

npm install && gulp

The slides will be running on http://localhost:8012.

Alternatively, you can serve index.html from any other webserver, e.g. nginx. Images are in img/, JavaScript sources in bower_components and slides.js.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me, create PRs or issues, or simply write me an email. I'll be happy to help! 🐢