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tweaking iirf ini

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1 parent c957552 commit 91a5a574cad6bb9bb84ccb8000a5fc5c6fe7eb93 Garrett Serack committed Jun 26, 2012
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  1. +8 −8 src/static/iirf.ini
16 src/static/iirf.ini
@@ -21,17 +21,17 @@ RewriteRule ^/trigger/$ /actions/commit.ashx [I]
# upload handlers
-RewriteRule ^/upload/current$ /feeds/Current.ashx [IL]
-RewriteRule ^/upload/current/.*$ /feeds/Current.ashx [IL]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/current$ /feeds/Current.ashx [I,L]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/current/.*$ /feeds/Current.ashx [I,L]
-RewriteRule ^/upload/archive$ /feeds/archive.ashx [IL]
-RewriteRule ^/upload/archive/.*$ /feeds/archive.ashx [IL]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/archive$ /feeds/archive.ashx [I,L]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/archive/.*$ /feeds/archive.ashx [I,L]
-RewriteRule ^/upload/unstable$ /feeds/prerelease.ashx [IL]
-RewriteRule ^/upload/unstable/.*$ /feeds/prerelease.ashx [IL]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/unstable$ /feeds/prerelease.ashx [I,L]
+RewriteRule ^/upload/unstable/.*$ /feeds/prerelease.ashx [I,L]
-# RedirectRule ^/upload/$ /feeds/Current.ashx [IL]
-RewriteRule ^/upload.*$ /feeds/Current.ashx [IL]
+# RedirectRule ^/upload/$ /feeds/Current.ashx [I,L]
+RewriteRule ^/upload.*$ /feeds/Current.ashx [I,L]
#canonical CoApp urls

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