Shallow Fork Wishlist

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Note: Keep the entries A-Z sorted by the Name column.

Note: For the Priority column, the values can be one of:

  • P1 - Critical , must have in the short run, enables a primary goal or package
  • P2 - Important, would be used by a large number of people
  • P3 - Interested, would be nice if it was done, I'd use it
  • P4 - Suggestion, an idea, not sure how popular.

NOTE: Verify that a working project doesn't already exist in at before starting one. This list is sometimes not updated immediately.


Name (A-Z) Priority Description Original Project Github Repo
bindlib P1 BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) BIND coapp-packages/bind
bsddb P1 Berkley DB Database Berkley DB coapp-packages/berkeleydb
bzip2 P1 BZip2 Compression engine bzip2 coapp-packages/bzip2
c-ares P3 Asynchronous DNS c-ares coapp-packages/c-ares
c-client P1 E-mail client c-client coapp-packages/uwimap
cURL P1 Web Client Protocols cURL coapp-packages/curl
Dirent P1 UNIX filesystem API Dirent API
FreeType P1 TrueType rendering engine FreeType coapp-packages/freetype
GeoIP P3 IP geolocation GeoIP
GLib P1 GNOME general-purpose utility library GLib coapp-packages/glib
GNUTLS P3 TLS/SSL encryption library GnuTLS
GTK+ P2 GIMP Toolkit UI library GTK+
Heimdal P3 Kerberos library Heimdal
icu P1 Unicode Support ICU coapp-packages/icu
libaprutil P1 Apache's Portable Runtime Apache APR coapp-packages/apr
libapr P1 Apache's Portable Runtime Apache APR coapp-packages/apr
libenchant P1 Spell Checker Enchant coapp-packages/enchant
libhttpd (part of httpd) P1 Apache HTTP engine Apache HTTPD coapp-packages/httpd
libiconv P1 High-level internationalization support GNU libiconv coapp-packages/libiconv
libintl P1 Low-level internationalization support (Part of gettext) GNU gettext coapp-packages/gettext
libjpeg P1 Image Manipulation (JPEG) IJG coapp-packages/libjpeg
libmcrypt P1 Cryptography MCrypt coapp-packages/libmcrypt
libmpir P1 Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals MPIR coapp-packages/mpir
libpng P1 Image Manipulation (PNG) libpng coapp-packages/libpng
libssh P1 Secure Shell (SSH support) libssh coapp-packages/ssh
libxml2 P1 XML C parser libxml coapp-packages/libxml2
libxpm P1 Image Manipulation (XPM) XPM coapp-packages/libxpm
libXSLT P1 XSLT C library libxslt coapp-packages/libxslt
OpenLDAP P1 LDAP access OpenLDAP
OpenSSL P1 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) OpenSSL coapp-packages/openssl
PCRE P1 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions PCRE coapp-packages/pcre
PostgreSQL P1 Postgres Database client PostgreSQL coapp-packages/postgresql
QDBM P1 Lightweight database library QDBM coapp-packages/qdbm
SQLLite P1 Small SQL engine SQLite coapp-packages/sqlite
TCL/Tk P1 Tool Command Language/Toolkit Tcl/Tk coapp-packages/tcl
Tidy P1 A utility to ‘clean’ HTML and XML files Tidy coapp-packages/tidy
uwimap P1 IMAP (email support) UW IMAP coapp-packages/uwimap
win-iconv P1 High-level internationalization support
- API compatible win32 version
win-iconv coapp-packages/win-iconv
zlib P1 Compression and decompression engine zlib coapp-packages/zlib


Name (A-Z) Priority Description Original Project Github Repo
Apache P1 Apache Web Server coapp-packages/httpd
grep P3 Win32 Grep utility Tim Charron's Win32 Grep coapp-packages/grep
PHP P1 PHP Language