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* [Bug Reports](#user-content-bug-reports)
* [Coding Style](#user-content-coding-style)
* [Documentation](#user-content-documentation)
* [Testing](#user-content-testing)

Open Source projects are maintained and backed by a **vibrant community** of developers and collaborators.

You can and should actively participate in the development and the future of Coast either by contributing to the source code, improving documentation, reporting potential bugs and/or testing new features.

## Channels

There are two ways to communicate with the Coast's small community
There are two ways to communicate with Coast's small community

1. [Github Repos]( Share bugs or create feature requests against the repos

@@ -35,7 +34,3 @@ Unfortunately, clojure doesn’t have any official coding style yet so coast use
When adding a new feature to the core of the framework, be sure to create or add to one of the markdown doc files in `docs/`.

This will help everyone understand your feature and keep the documentation updated.

## Testing

Before providing a pull request be sure to test the feature you are adding or create a regression test to show how a piece of code fails under specific circumstance while providing a bug fix.
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# Older Versions

- [eta](
- [zeta](
- [epsilon](
- [delta](
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* [Password Hashing](
* [XSS, Sniffing, XFrame](

### Testing
* [Getting Started](

### Miscellaneous
* [Older Versions](

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